Teltonika Webinar - DualCam

Teltonika Webinar - DualCam

Teltonika DualCam records view in both directions – the front, i.e., what is happening on the road, and the back, i.e., the driver and the passengers if they are present. By capturing other traffic participants, filming the front exterior is invaluable in the cases of car accidents, meanwhile, recording the interior of a car gives a clear view of what is going inside the vehicle.

This comprehensive solution combines the best of both - digital double-sided driving recorder Teltonika DualCam and special category FMx125 series vehicle GPS tracker benefits. A set of two must be connected over the RS-232 serial port. Better yet, these FM devices can be used together with the remote FMB device firmware update and configuration tool Teltonika FOTA.

This vehicle telematics tracker FMx125, like any other Teltonika GPS device, has diverse well-conceived usage scenarios tracking specific events and generating their data, respectively. To tackle the driving issues mentioned above and activate DualCam, we utilise Green Driving (aka Eco Driving), Crash detection, Over Speeding detection, and Excessive Idling detection scenarios.

That said, join us in our webinar called TELTONIKA DUALCAM. We will present a detailed overview of the new DUALCAM solution, its features, benefits and show how to configure it on the Teltonika configurator. For your convenience, we will answer your relevant questions during the live Q&A session. We would be glad if you could join us and participate.



Валерий Семенов

Date and time – 28.10.2021, 02:00 PM (GMT+3).
Duration – 30 min.
Language – Russian.

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