B2B academy F.A.Q

What is B2B academy?

B2B, or in other words – business to business, is a model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies. Teltonika B2B academy – it‘s a place, where you can gain knowledge about sales and improve your B2B sales and communication skills.

What exactly can I learn in B2B academy?

If you‘ve always imagined yourself in sales, then B2B academy is a place for you! Here you can learn how to communicate in business language, create professional presentations, gain objections overcoming, negotiation and active sales skills.

Who can apply?

Students, who have completed 2nd – 4th course can apply and sign tripartite practice agreement between us and university. Also, if you are no longer a student, then you can also apply and we will sign a voluntary practice agreement.

Will I earn University credits after internship in B2B academy?

If you were agreed this with your University and signed tripartite agreement, then of course yes!

Is it possible to manage my studies with B2B academy internship?

Of course, internship schedule is created flexibly and according to the needs of each trainee.

Will I get paid at this internship?

No, the internship in this academy is unpaid.

Is it possible to get a job after internship in B2B academy?

Trainees who demonstrate excellent results, willingness and motivation during their practice have the opportunity to join our team!