Auto APN feature for FM trackers

Auto APN feature for FM trackers

One of Teltonika’s main missions is to make IoT easier to use. Today we want to share with you a message about the Auto APN feature! From now on, you don’t need to upload APN name to the tracker configuration to have internet connectivity. New feature allows the device to automatically detect the correct APN settings from the integrated APN database, depending on the inserted SIM card. Moreover, after successful internet connection tracker can automatically connect to the FOTA server to download your configuration or update firmware.


All shipped FM devices are automatically assigned to your FOTA WEB account

In the FOTA WEB, you can assign a task for update: Configuration or Firmware

The installed device will automatically detect APN settings and connect to the FOTA to download configuration file.


FM trackers out-of-the-box are ready to use. You just need to insert a SIM card and power up device, then tracker will automatically connect to the FOTA server for configuration - you do not need to configure device manually.

More about Auto APN feature.