NEW - Auto TOP-UP feature

NEW - Auto TOP-UP feature

We would like to announce that a new Auto TOP-UP feature is already fully operational on our IoT platform!

The Auto TOP-UP feature is a very useful functionality of our Teltonika Connectivity solution. Teltonika SIM cards can be used with all types of Teltonika Telematics GPS trackers and provide connectivity in 112 countries supporting all types of networks around the world.

What is Auto TOP-UP?

As you know, the main data plan of our SIM cards is ‘Global plan’, containing 500 Mb for the duration of 5 years. In the situation when all 500 Mb are used up before the 5-year plan ends, SIM card changes its status to Offline and stops sending data. With the help of Auto TOP-UP feature, you do not need to monitor your SIM cards’ data volume and do not need to top-up the Plan manually when data balance is going down or is already used up. All this is fully automated when Auto TOP-UP is enabled.

How does Auto TOP-UP work?

Auto TOP-UP, to put it simply, is an automatic renewal of the Global plan data. This functionality works for the entire IoT Portal account, not for each SIM card separately. In other words, you can buy top-up additions for the Global Plan in advance and stock them in the IoT portal account with no expiration.

For example, a customer has 1,000 SIM cards in use and can buy 1, 10, 1,000 or even 10,000 top-up additions ahead. Also, you can add more Auto TOP-UPs to your IoT account just anytime you need them. The decision is yours on how many top-ups to buy.

After top-up add-ons are bought in advance, it does not matter which SIM card and how many times has already been topped up before. The SIM card, which uses the data up first, will automatically renew the plan from your previously purchased top-up add-ons and the customer’s GPS trackers will work again under the same plan’s commercial conditions. This solves all maintenance inconveniences and helps to run the customers’ GPS trackers without disruptions.

How to start using Auto TOP-UP?

Just make sure you decide whether it is relevant for you to use the Auto TOP-UP feature. If relevant, then agree on the required quantity and order top-ups by contacting us.

Additional value: based on the customer’s ability to create custom rules on the IoT Portal, it is possible to generate reports for the existing Auto TOP-UP add-ons. This information will be displayed on your account’s dashboard.

Easy Key to IoT – we do this for you, so start using and saving your time!

To enable Auto TOP-UP feature on your IoT account, please contact the appointed Teltonika Telematics sales manager or send us an email to

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