To maintain modern transport infrastructure and its safety, the country of Poland switches to the advanced toll collection system on sections of paid roads. Based on this, owners of certain vehicle types have to comply with the new set of regulations and procedures. Given this, Teltonika Telematics has certified a list of GPS tracking devices helping vehicle owners and integrators to fulfil the new requirements effortlessly as far as possible.


Launched in June 2021, e-TOLL is an advanced solution developed, implemented, maintained, and monitored by the National Revenue Administration, with the toll collection functionality for vehicles driven on toll sections of roads in Poland. e-TOLL is replacing the earlier introduced system, and it is mandatory for all motor vehicles and vehicle trains with the maximum allowed mass >3.5 tonnes, and also for buses.

The newly introduced solution is based on satellite positioning technology. Based on this, drivers and fleet owners have a choice of different methods of transmission of location data to the mentioned system including On-Board Units (aka OBU) – vehicle GPS trackers. Overall, over 1.3 million vehicles registered in Poland, mostly corporate fleets, fall into that category. All of them have to be equipped respectively by authorised telematic service providers and integrators.

Despite e-TOLL being an innovative present-day solution, there are a few challenges to consider for motorists. Even though it’s easier than ever for drivers to process electronic fee payments and refill automated passes, some of them may forget to do so or choose not to, so they (or corporate fleet owners) get tickets to face substantial penalties for not paying their tolls.

Keeping in mind the current global chip and other electronic components shortage, the GPS devices have to be readily available to be manufactured in required quantities and shipped in the shortest time possible. Even more, the chosen vehicle tracker needs to be accurate, reliable, robust, preferably pre-configured accordingly, ready to be installed and deployed hassle-free way. Not to mention, it must be e-TOLL system certified.

Bearing that in mind, Teltonika Telematics has a list of certified for this matter GPS devices to offer conveniently helping private drivers and corporate fleet managers to meet the new payment system requirements.


To confirm and begin with, Teltonika has got already a number of the e-TOLL system certified vehicle trackers in its product portfolio: FMT100, FMP100, FMB001, FMB010, FMB920, FMB120, FMB125, FMB130, FMC130, FMB140, FMB640, and FMC640. Here, to showcase the solution and the value it brings, we choose the SPECIAL category vehicle GPS tracker FMT100.

No wonder, because it is compact, lightweight, robust, has an abundant set of features, handy usage scenarios, Bluetooth connectivity and an internal backup battery. Thanks to the biggest in its class internal High Gain GNSS antenna, the model can be swiftly mounted directly on the vehicle battery under the bonnet. To be exact, we equipped this unique Teltonika model with a special clamp connector for the power cable to be attached to a vehicle battery.

It assures easy installation, saving precious time. No extensive training, technical skills or special tools and premises are required either, and it takes under 5 minutes to mount it. Yet more, a solid IP65 rating waterproof case and built-in accelerometer sensor with highly accurate crash trace functionality make this device perfectly suitable for many use cases and projects including e-TOLL system and insurance market solutions.

How it works - installed FMT100 model continuously tracks vehicle of interest location and journey whereabouts in real-time and sends relevant data via GSM network to dedicated servers. Certainly, that includes all occasions when a driver enters and exits any paid road section in the country. Based on this information and integration with the e-TOLL payment management system, the vehicle owner (private or corporate) will be automatically and timely charged a fee pre-defined by National Revenue Administration.

This way, the process of manually paying road fees on the e-TOLL website or app (or forgetting to pay) has been eliminated for good. As a result, the payment routine has been fully automated, helping fleet drivers and owners not only save precious time but to avoid pricey mistakes and penalties.

But we are not stopping there - to save precious e-TOLL (or any other) large-scale project time and telematics service provider/integrator resources, we offer ‘done for you’ service - ready-to-use Teltonika GPS trackers to keep tedious and time-consuming setup and installation routines to a minimum. As a result, more work is done with less effort, employees, and better quality. You can learn more about it here.

For greater convenience and practicality, Teltonika vehicle trackers firmware updates and configuration changes can be made using the recently renewed FOTA WEB - Teltonika software solution, helping to manage GPS devices remotely with maximum efficiency. In closing, our team is ready to arrange what is necessary for the particular project and ship FMT100 trackers to Poland in the shortest time possible.




Having a product portfolio fully certified and compliant with e-TOLL, Teltonika is proudly offering competitive vehicle telematics devices and solutions ensuring smart tracking, automated payment processing, notifying, and monitoring to make fleet management in Poland efficient. 100% accountability of everything important to the transport unit helping to adapt to the new payment system. Rest assured, Teltonika products meet the most demanding needs that currently exist in a market, making roads a safer place and saving company resources.

From the start of the company 23 years ago until today, Teltonika 1,700 strong and growing team has manufactured 15.5 million IoT devices, helped to succeed thousands of customers and partners worldwide. We are the right place to get all you need to succeed – an impressive variety of certified GPS devices and software tools for any use case imaginable in vehicle telematics. Our innovative approach, extensive global market knowledge, state-of-the-art production facilities with automated robotic assembly lines and customer support meeting your expectations give us a competitive edge and make Teltonika Telematics a business partner of choice.

Featured product FMT100

Special and small waterproof GNSS tracker with built-in accelerometer. Learn more on wiki page


Allows device to work without external power source


Crash detection functionality working according accelerometer data


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


Built-in accelerometer for accurate crash trace data