Private Driving Mode For Electric Vehicles

Private Driving Mode For Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicle popularity is growing pretty promptly over the past decade, with the global stock of electric passenger cars on roads passing over 5 million. Cities, regional and state governments are starting to promote electric cars to curb CO2 emissions by announcing specially designed projects. To assist Telematics Service Providers with these cases, Teltonika Telematics has developed the special GPS tracker mode.


Burning fossil fuels like diesel and petrol releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, other greenhouse gases are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm, resulting in changes to the climate we are already clearly seeing today. In most of the countries, these gases emission from transportation accounts for over 20% of total emissions, undoubtedly making it the largest contributor and the source of major concern.

To solve this significant problem, numerous cities, regional and state governments, utilities, and other organisations are starting to promote electric vehicles usage and popularity by introducing appreciable financial grants for such car or van buyers and deploy ever more public and residential charging stations for them. For instance, earlier this year the Estonian government has issued €5,000 grants to companies or individuals who buy electric vehicles from Estonian Vehicle Dealers and Services Association AMTEL certified dealers.

But here comes a twist – in this case, to get this so desirable grant, an electric car owner has to cover at least 80,000 kilometres distance in four years period (on average, 16,000 kilometres per calendar year). To assure compliance and to track the relevant data, the government body has announced a tender for Telematics Service Providers to supply, install, and maintain vehicle GPS trackers in line with the project requirements.

Keeping in mind the fact, that some people consider vehicle tracking devices as something too invasive to their privacy and it may challenge the project success, the Estonian government made a requirement to track the electric car odometer data only, and the rest of parameters and GNSS data should be masked and not disclosed to anyone. The question is, how can Telematics Service Providers comply and make it work in situations like these?


To deal with such requirements, here at Teltonika Telematics we have developed a pretty smart solution in our GPS devices firmware called Private/Business Driving Mode. At its core, this canny and helpful feature makes it possible to mask vehicle GNSS data. We have implemented this feature as the Teltonika special firmware option, version 03.25.05.Rev.132 or above.

Here, we use Teltonika ADVANCED category GPS tracker FMB130 combined with CAN bus adaptor LV-CAN200 and pre-configured firmware parameters to track and send electric vehicle odometer data only from its CAN bus system and the rest to remain masked as required by the Estonian government project mentioned above. Let’s go through Private/Business Mode Setting key elements and chosen options (see the image below).

For the sake of example, the Private Driving Mode is being turned ON permanently utilising GPS device digital input DIN3 connected to a power source. That is to say, parameters ‘Triggers’ – ‘DIN3’ and ‘DIN Mode’ – ‘Button’ are selected. As required by the project, the ‘Odometer calculation’ setting option is ‘Enabled’, so it is up and running tracking electric car mileage.

In ‘GPS Data Masking’ section, setting ‘Data sent as Zero’ has been activated. It means GPS tracker sends GPS data as ‘0’ to a server the following I/O elements: latitude, longitude, altitude, number of satellites, ‘GSM Cell ID’ and ‘GSM Area Code’ parameters.

As a result, we have met all the project requirements with our GPS tracker Teltonika FMB130 model and firmware settings in no time and without any hassle. You can learn more about Private/Business Driving Mode functionality, its usage scenarios, and benefits.

What is more, Teltonika GPS tracker and the access to CAN bus data combo allows Telematic Service Providers and fleet operators to gather a wide range of accurate information in real-time and swiftly identify areas of improvement within their vehicle operation to minimise overheads and environmental vehicle impact.

It precisely tracks not only odometer as required in this project but also can monitor many essential parameters such as vehicle speed, engine speed (RPM), vehicle mileage, accelerator pedal position, oil pressure/level status, engine temperature, door/bonnet/boot status, etc. The exact number of parameters depend on vehicle model, its production date and equipment set.




Efficient, versatile and configurable, hassle-free Private/Business Driving Mode and a wide range of unquestionable quality GPS devices to choose from Teltonika Telematics catalogue will undoubtedly benefit Telematics Service Providers taking part in electric vehicle projects in any country across the world dealing with the fossil fuel gases emission.

Teltonika is the right place to get all you need to succeed - an impressive variety of GPS trackers, accessories and solutions. Our over 20 years expertise and innovative approach, extensive global market knowledge, exemplary product quality, state-of-the-art production facilities with automated robotic assembly lines and customer support meeting your expectations give us a competitive edge and make Teltonika Telematics a business partner of choice.

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