Motorcycle Tracking, Protection and Safety

Motorcycle Tracking, Protection and Safety


Motorcycles are one the most popular modes of transportation in the world. There are more than 200 million motorcycles worldwide (including mopeds, motor scooters, and motorized bicycles) and millions of people are using them daily. In cities, motorcycles can get you into the places where other vehicles cannot. Moreover, it can be the fastest way to get around during traffic hours.


First of all, we all want to track our property. It is important for us to know where our vehicle is and how long it has been used. Also, motorcycle is an easy target for thieves. In most cases, a quick reaction to a theft attempt could save your valuable asset.

Installation of a GPS tracker comes as another important issue. There are many places where we can install a tracker in a car, meanwhile, mounting space on a motorcycle is rather limited, so it is essential to have a compact tracker.

Capacity of motorcycle battery is much less as compared to a car battery, thus, there is a risk that GPS tracker will discharge the battery while motorcycle is not in use. In addition, the trip by a motorcycle is usually shorter than the trip by a car, which means that the tracker’s internal battery has less time to charge from a generator.

You will be glad to hear that our motorcycle tracking solution can offer much more than just a simple tracking. You will always know the motorcycle’s current location, receive warnings if it is being moved or if the tracker was disconnected from a battery. Also, our certain trackers include fast charge functionality. In other words, all the above challenges can be solved with a right GPS tracker offered by Teltonika.


There are many different models of motorcycles, ranging from small scooters to large choppers. Teltonika tracker FMB964 is suitable for all types as it features 6V-30V power supply meaning that even smaller scooters can be connected to our devices.

All our trackers support low power consumption modes. In ultra-deep sleep mode, a device will use less than 2mA, thus, minimizing the battery’s drain while motorcycle is not in use.

Teltonika tracker can detect and immediately send a notification (GPRS command, SMS notification or turn on DOUT) when device is unplugged from the motorcycle battery. Moreover, our tracker can monitor motorcycle’s battery level and inform the owner if the battery level drops to a critical value.

Motorcycle rides usually take less time than car rides. That is why the fast charge feature of tracker FMB964 is so useful in keeping the internal battery fully charged (when ordering, please note that FMB964 with fast charge feature comes with a separate product code). In power saving mode, FMB964 can work from the internal battery for up to 10 days. In cases when motorcycle is used very rarely, to prevent its battery from discharging, we recommend to install the tracker in such a way that when the ignition is off, the tracker is disconnected from the motorcycle’s battery.

Motorcycle rider is protected less than a car driver, so it is essential to ensure his or her safety. Eco driving and overspeeding functionalities detect aggressive driving behavior and inform by sending notifications. When driver identification with immobilizer is enabled, only the authorized rider will be able to use the motorcycle.

Besides, do not forget the fact that Teltonika trackers support Bluetooth functionality. A beacon can be installed in a helmet, and if a rider forgets his or her helmet, the tracker will detect this.

Tracker FMB964 has also such useful features as towing detection and auto-geofencing. The owner can be informed of unauthorized motorcycle movement when the ignition is off. If accelerometer detects unauthorized movement in parking mode or tracker receives GPS coordinates outside the auto-geofence zone, it means the motorcycle is leaving the parking area. The tracker will immediately generate an event and send SMS notification to the owner.




The solution we offer is suitable for all types of motorcycles, including scooters, and comes with a variety of functionalities, such as towing detection, auto-geofencing, Bluetooth beacons support, etc. Besides giving many other advantages, it also works as an effective anti-theft prevention. Many industries will find this usage scenario useful, including security, rental, leasing, delivery services and other businesses. Leasing companies can benefit from the additional value by creating mobile applications that provide all the information directly to the end-users.

Pavyzdinis Modelis FMB910

Smart Tracker With Internal Backup Battery Learn more on wiki page


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


Allows device to work without external power source


External voltage range


Multiple Inputs/Outputs for remote monitoring and control