Driving Mode Functionality

Driving Mode Functionality


Allowing employees to drive company vehicles for personal reasons is a widespread practice. It is an attractive perk for employees, assisting business owners to hire skilled people and boost its competitiveness. But how to effectively monitor and manage this process, generate reports and avoid a car misuse trouble-free way? To assist businesses with this, Teltonika Telematics has developed a special GPS tracker mode.


It is a quite common practice in many small and medium-sized businesses in most of the countries around the world to allow owners and employees to drive company cars, trucks, or vans for personal reasons. For instance, to commute between home and work regularly; allow trips unrelated to organisation purpose, work, or trade (e.g. hospital, shopping centre, funeral); use a vehicle on a holiday or over weekends; even allow occasionally to be used by someone other than an employee of a company and so on.

Use of a company car is often perceived as an attractive perk for employees, negating the need to own their vehicle and saving them a substantial amount of money or avoiding a need to take a car loan. Companies that want to attract, hire and keep the best and brightest staff members may offer incentives such as a company vehicle as an enticing part of a compensation package.

And there is even more to consider - when an employee uses a company vehicle for personal use, it becomes taxable in some countries and must be reported to authorities. If so, it must be some convenient and reliable report generating option avoiding excessive paperwork, errors, controversies and accepted by the appropriate authorities.

Also, how to effectively monitor and manage a ‘fair use’ personal use of company vehicles? How much is too much and how do you, as a corporate vehicle owner, know that for sure?

To sum up, there are a few uses cases to this:

Keeping all above in mind, here is a question - how the business owners and fleet managers allowing employees to drive company cars can monitor, supervise and, if necessary, restrain this process hassle-free way? To assist companies and organisations with this, here at Teltonika Telematics we have developed a pretty smart solution to this in its GPS trackers firmware - Private/Business Driving Mode.


So, what is a tracker Private/Business Mode, the best practices using it and how to get the maximum benefits out of it for your business?

Private/Business Driving Mode is a Teltonika GPS tracker helpful feature which makes it possible for drivers and/or fleet management to temporarily mask vehicle GPS data tracking, so to say – to disable GPS coordinates with a click of the button. Corporate fleets can use this functionality to handily accommodate situations where employees (drivers) require intervals of privacy while using a company car. Moreover, self-employed people can easily convert their own car into a business asset.

In essence, it works like this - when the Business Driving Mode is activated, Teltonika GPS tracker electronic logbook keeps tracking and recording all pre-configured vehicle events automatically and sending data to a dedicated server. If the Private Driving Mode has been activated, odometer calculations (optional) and some other events will NOT be registered (aka GPS Data Masking). Also, this mode allows European businesses to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

FMP100 device perfectly suits for the Private Driving Mode. It is the one and only our device that has a button on it, so a driver can activate the feature in a few seconds. Additionally, the mode can be turned on in a few alternative ways (aka Triggers), such as GPRS/SMS command, Bluetooth 4.0 LE command, or Teltonika BTAPP mobile application.

Upon a tracker set up, there are three GPS Data Masking options:

To serve company needs even better, this mode has a handy Weekly Schedule Settings functionality allowing to pre-set and automate Private/Business status activation/deactivation routine and activate LED, which is also integrated in FMP100, to indicate a driver that the mode is up and running and some other handy settings.

Please note, if pre-configured accordingly, Private Driving Mode can be automatically deactivated in any Teltonika GPS device in the event of Towing, Unplug, Crash detection and if Autogeofence conditions are met and this scenario is triggered. This way, a vehicle owner will benefit from all tracker safety features and it will remain a less appealing target to auto thieves whatever the mode driver chooses.

Coming back to Private/Business vehicle usage reporting and/or detailed stats summary, any required reports specific to a particular country tax laws and regulations or corporate fleet management needs should be implemented in a company own developed software or Telematic Service Providers platforms based Teltonika GPS tracker events and I/O elements data.




The well thought out, practical and easy to use Private/Business Driving Mode and a wide range of unquestionable quality GPS devices to choose from Teltonika Telematics catalogue will undoubtedly benefit any fleet size company fleet in any country in the world.

Teltonika is the right place to get all you need to succeed - an impressive variety of GPS trackers, accessories and solutions. We research, design, develop, manufacture, innovate, supply products and provide impeccable customer service to our clients and business partners in over 160 countries around the world.

Our over 20 years expertise and innovative approach, extensive global market knowledge, exemplary product quality, state-of-the-art production facilities with automated robotic assembly lines and customer support meeting your expectations give us a competitive edge and make Teltonika Telematics a business partner of choice.

Pavyzdinis Modelis FMP100

Plug and Play tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity and cigarette lighter power connector for easy installation! Learn more on wiki page


Button for alarm event generation or Private mode usage


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


Crash detection according to accelerometer data


RGB LED and buzzer for user notifications according to selected scenario