BTAPP Mobile application

FMB Bluetooth application for real time driver notifications. Save on fuel by reducing aggressive driving, increase your driver safety and reduce the number of driving-related incidents with Bluetooth application!


Eco driving score


Real time notifications. Unified across platforms


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


Free Android App enables handy access on the move

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Making positive changes to driving behavior is an important step in cutting the automotive accidents and wasted fuel during trip. FMB Bluetooth application will help to monitor driver behavior and receive notifications about possible violations in real time!


Bluetooth connection to monitor and score driver behavior. Real time events notifications about harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, overspeeding, idling and RPM. Solution designed to improve driver behavior and productivity.


Simply change between private and business trips with one touch! Count your traveled distance and fuel consumption for every selected trip and regulate your fleet resources.

Trip history

Access your trip history anytime and anywhere! BTAPP is not only monitoring ongoing trips, but also stores history of every trip made in the past, which can be accessed on your smartphone.

Available on Android operating system devices:

Google store


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