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Remote door lock control


CAN data reading from light vehicles


CAN data reading and control of electric vehicles


Easily get basic parameters such as mileage, fuel level, etc.

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Benefits of CAN-CONTROL

The most widely used feature of CAN-CONTROL device is the possibility to lock/unlock car remotely and control its windows by using special SMS/GPRS commands. It makes CAN-CONTROL accessory a perfect solution for car sharing and many other use cases.

In addition to this, CAN-CONTROL is able to read such essential CAN parameters like: fuel level, odometer, VIN number, fuel consumption, engine RPM, engine temperature and handbrake status. Therefore, you can effectively identify areas of improvement to minimize overheads of vehicle maintenance.

CAN-CONTROL connects directly to the vehicle CAN lines, which means there is no need to use additional relays or expensive car security systems for the remote door lock control. We support more than 1300 vehicles and this number is constantly growing. Teltonika Telematics provides wiring schemes for every supported vehicle, which helps make installation smoother and faster.

Optional hardware provides you with even more possibilities.


With the optional hardware CAN-CONTROL+DTC, you will be able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle ECU and react fast in case of malfunction.

It is getting more and more common to provide a comprehensive fleet management service. With this solution, you will be able to give updates to your customers on the health of their fleet on time. Malfunction prevention equals additional value.


Hardware option with the Engine block feature CAN-CONTROL+IMMO allows you to immobilize vehicle without relay installation. It helps you to speed up installation time and reduce installation costs. The same wires are used as for CAN data reading. This means double value for the same effort.

Use Cases

CAN-CONTROL is an ideal solution for car sharing, corporate fleet management, car dealerships and car rental/leasing service providers. More information on the most common use cases:

Car Sharing Solution
Anti-theft Solution for Delivery Services


Supported byFMB1YX, FM36YX, FMB640, FMM640, FMC640, FMU1XY, FMC1XY, FMM1XY series
Input voltage range9 - 16 V DC
Power consumptionAt 12V < 23,6 mA (Standby)
At 12V < 23,5 mA (Working)
Operating temperature range-40°C - +85°C
Operating humidityMax 85 % non-condensing
LED indication1 status LED light
Features*Central lock control
Windows closure
Turn lights control
Trunk release
Door status
Lock status
Handbrake status
Lights status
Vehicle range
Vehicle driven distance
Total fuel consumption
Fuel level (dashboard)
Engine speed (RPM)
Vehicle speed

For electric cars:
Battery level
Charging status
Charging cable status
Vehicle range on battery
DTC reading**
Engine block**

*Data and control functions are available depending on vehicle’s
equipment, model, type and year of production.
**Feature is available with special order code
Dimensions51 x 36 x 16 mm (L x W x H)