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September 13, 2022

Teltonika Telematics offers a wide range of solutions to meet different business needs. It makes it possible to find and choose the right vehicle GPS tracker and accessories for any fleet of vehicles. Years of experience in IoT innovation, technological improvement and transformation show that the possibilities are virtually endless and, we may say, almost equal to infinity (∞). This is why the new FAST & EASY category of Teltonika vehicle trackers soon to be better known as the FMx8 family, will soon be launched.



The FAST & EASY category of tracking devices stands out with its simplicity, incredibly fast installation and ease of use. No special tools, engineers or even specific knowledge are required to mount these vehicle GPS trackers and can be done in a few minutes by everyone. In some Asian cultures, the number ‘8’ is believed to be a lucky one bringing wealth and success. Taken together, the 8th series seems to fit perfectly into the FAST & EASY category of Teltonika GPS trackers.

Their popularity is due to the quick and easy installation, which is ensured by three different sources on the vehicle: the OBDII type port, the cigarette lighter plug and the vehicle battery. The concept of a calculator with letters has been used to distinguish these vehicle GPS trackers from a variety of other devices. The matrix contains numbers and their values related to the connection source.


The basic idea is that any number in the calculator can be recognised as a letter, which identifies the specific device. The number ‘0’ stands for the letter ‘O’, which represents trackers that are mounted via the OBDII port. Nevertheless, the fact that trackers, which belong to the FAST & EASY family, cannot read CAN bus data, OEM parameters (aka PIDs) and OBDII data, it perfectly fits the needs of insurance telematics, driver logbook, delivery services, etc. It saves precious integration time and allows fleet managers to monitor vehicles even if the trackers have been switched during the day.

At the same time, the mirroring effect of the number '9' is equivalent to the letter 'P', which is used to identify Plug and Play trackers. Ease of installation is achieved via the cigarette lighter socket which is normally located next to the driver. It makes this type of trackers user-friendly ones with a configurable button, RGB LED, buzzer, and USB charger to extend the usage scenarios. Conveniently, end-users and drivers can switch between different modes, check GSM and GNSS connectivity or even call for help in case of an emergency.

The 8th series also includes battery-mounted tracking devices that can be easily connected to the vehicle using clamp connectors. Together with the whole series, these devices are named with a calculator number too. In this case, the number '8' stands for the letter 'B' which refers to the car battery connector. These vehicle GPS trackers have a higher IP rating and a slim design which is essential for under-bonnet installation.


Please note that the new naming concept will apply only to new Teltonika products. This means, that the names of well-known products such as FMP100, FMT100, FMB010 and FMB020 will stay the same without any changes. So, as we move from 2G to 4G LTE network, there is an obvious need to improve and develop new products in the FAST & EASY product family. New GPS trackers will therefore be launched shortly. So why not start with the number '0' and launch the 8th series with FMx800 devices... Interested? Then stay tuned!

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