Speed Limiting Tracker MSP500

Speed Limiting Tracker MSP500

We are happy to present you the newest member of our 2G devices portfolio – MSP500 speed limiter!

The main advantage is speed limiting functionality that is activated by the internal relay. It ensures the safety of vehicles, cargo and – most importantly – of drivers by limiting speed in different areas. Deliveries will not be delayed or disrupted because of accidents.

With speed limiter, vehicle owners can avoid additional service expenses (i.e. engine repair or tires wear) and accomplish timely maintenance in the range of planned costs. Fuel consumption is one of the components constituting delivery cost. Thanks to speed limiting feature, there will be no possibility to overspeed, thus, fuel usage will not increase due to improper driver behavior.

Some of the countries in the world (e.g., India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada) already have regulations for a mandatory use of speed limiters in commercial vehicles. This best practice continues to spread into other countries (e.g., the United Kingdom, EU countries, Commonwealth of Australia) that are also planning to have similar regulations.

Key features:

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