All kinds of unpredictable situations occur on the road – from accidents caused by technical issues or careless driving to various crimes and other incidents punishable by law. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure – having detailed proof about the event will make things much simpler and easier. This is exactly what Teltonika Telematics has to offer – a GPS tracking solution enhanced with Teltonika DualCam possibilities.


For a company, having a fleet inevitably means a need to deal with incidents where vehicles are involved. Car crashes are among the most common ones. The causes of road accidents are many and determining the real one can be a tough task, especially when the parties concerned, based on one’s own interest, tend to tell rather different stories. How to know – who is right and who is wrong?

With no driver being immune to accidents on the road, traffic-related issues are especially relevant for such industries as delivery and passenger transportation services, logistics, and insurance. There are even cases when drivers are faced with particularly malicious incidents – intentional car crashes made to look like they are the other party’s fault. Without having hard evidence (e.g., video recording), it is very difficult to prove one’s innocence.

When it comes to taxis and ride-sharing services, the personal safety of the drivers and passengers is one of the major issues that companies confront with. The risks can rise from either side – the clients or the driver – and take the form of robbing a driver or assaulting and harassing a passenger. For a business to run smoothly, the chances of such crimes need to be reduced to a minimum.



Teltonika Telematics makes dealing with the above-mentioned challenges as effective as possible. Our innovative solution combines FMx125 series tracking devices with the dedicated Teltonika DualCam providing comprehensive information – including video records, images, and vehicle-related details – whenever an incident occurs.

Teltonika DualCam functionality means that the device, mounted on the windshield, records view in both directions – the front, i.e. what is happening on the road, and the back, i.e. the driver and the passengers if they are present. By capturing other traffic participants, filming the front exterior is invaluable in cases of car accidents, meanwhile, recording the interior of a car gives a clear view of what is going on inside the vehicle.

The wide-angle camera captures the driver as well, thus, it can be seen if any of his or her actions have contributed to the unwanted consequences – for example, holding a phone, chatting to the passengers, not paying attention to the road, etc. Having a camera installed can work as an effective preventive measure against any bad intentions – both from the driver’s and the passenger’s side.

Sending video records can be triggered automatically or demanded by request. Automatic sending is activated with the detection of a car crash or by pushing the panic button. Recordings of the front camera 5 seconds before and after and from the back camera 5 seconds before and after the event will be sent to the server. Thus, the fleet owner will have video footage of 20 seconds to evaluate the incident.

If needed, a video can also be requested by sending SMS/GPRS command based on certain events – including but not limited to Overspeeding, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering, Towing, Jamming, etc. and indicating a specific time of recording, i.e. timestamp. A record of up to 30 seconds long can be sent to the server. When using a vehicle, the camera is filming constantly and saves video footage to a MicroSD card 64 GB for the duration of up to 72 hours.

Likewise, along with video footage, photos can also be sent to the server – either by request or periodically based on the set time intervals.

Talking about the technical side, Teltonika DualCam is connected over an RS232 interface, videos are made in the resolution of 720p, and High-Efficiently Video Coding H265 substantially improves video quality keeping the files low at the size and ensures high transfer speed. Our solution comes with FMx125 series tracking devices, which provide a wealth of information and possibilities themselves.

To start with, monitoring a vehicle’s location can do wonders for business efficiency. The larger the fleet, the greater the benefits – effective resource management, optimization of costs, increased safety, and easy handling of maintenance issues are just a few to mention.

The functionality of our tracking devices is further expanded with Bluetooth® (BLE) technology. BLE sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, movement and other parameters, while BLE beacons can be used for the authentication of drivers or passengers, keeping track of trailers, and as an immobilizer.

FMx125 series trackers also support an RS485 interface that allows communication with such external devices as multiple digital fuel sensors (LLS) or sending data in TCP ASCII/Binary mode. Meanwhile, 1-wire can be used for monitoring temperature data and RFID/iButton tags.

Thanks to the Dual-SIM feature, roaming costs will be reduced significantly. When crossing borders between countries, the coverage of one operator is often not enough. Having another SIM card in the tracking device will easily solve this problem.




  • Crucial information about the incidents on the road - video records and photos allow understanding clearly what has happened and why.
  • Seeing both ways - filming the road ahead and the interior of a vehicle, including the driver.
  • Effective preventive measure - encouraging safe driving and restricting disruptive behaviour inside the vehicle by sending periodic images.
  • Automatically or by request - choose your way of receiving video records and photos.
  • Efficient fleet management - utilizing GPS trackers’ functionalities to improve business efficiency.


In Ghana, our client was one of the first companies to offer end users CAN data reading GPS trackers combined with video telematics solutions. The Teltonika DualCam was brought on board along with FMC125 trackers. This combination allowed companies to capture video and use it as evidence in the event of an accident, while also enabling close monitoring of drivers' actions.

One particular incident illustrates the value of this technology. There was a collision between an oil truck and a car on a roundabout. The Teltonika DualCam solution recorded the incident and sent the video footage to the fleet management server. As a result of this timely evidence, the truck driver did not even have to appear in court - the video evidence alone was enough for the court to rule in his favour. As this example shows, Teltonika's video telematics solutions can effectively help companies save time and avoid legal hassles.


As one of the leading manufacturers in the telematics industry worldwide, Teltonika Telematics offers innovative ways to deliver value to clients by matching top-quality hardware with cutting-edge solutions. The combination of FMx125 series tracking devices and Teltonika DualCam is designed to meet business needs across various industries with benefits particularly relevant to delivery and passenger transportation services, logistics, and insurance companies.

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