Teltonika Telematics GPS trackers are certified and successfully used in the recently introduced toll collection system e-TOLL in Poland. Thanks to fast installation and value-added services, FMT100 and FMP100 trackers prove to be particularly suitable for the implementation of the country-wide project.

Developed and maintained by the National Revenue Administration of Poland, e-TOLL is an advanced solution with the toll collection functionality. Launched in June 2021, it replaces the previously used toll collection system.

Bringing a set of new regulations and procedures, e-TOLL is mandatory for all motor vehicles and vehicle trains with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes as well as for buses. This way, it applies to more than 1.3 million vehicles registered in Poland.

The recently introduced solution is based on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to locate user’s position. Among the different methods to transmit location data, installing GPS tracking devices is one of the most convenient and efficient ways for vehicle owners and corporate fleet managers to comply with the new requirements.

Teltonika Telematics offers a wide range of tracking devices certified for the use in e-TOLL solution, including FMT100, FMP100, FMB001, FMB010, FMB920, FMB120, FMB125, FMB130, FMC130, FMB140, FMB640, and FMC640. Any of them tracks vehicles in real-time, monitors when drivers enter and exit the paid road sections, and sends relevant data via GSM network to dedicated servers. As a result, the whole fee payment routine becomes an automated process that saves time and allows to avoid mistakes or penalties.

Given the large scale of the project, easy-to-install GPS trackers FMT100 and FMP100 are the top choices among the telematics service providers and integrators. FMT100 can be quickly mounted directly on the vehicle battery, while FMP100 is Plug & Play tracker connected through a cigarette lighter socket. Both tracking devices can be installed and made available to use in a matter of minutes.

To make sure that e-TOLL solution is implemented efficiently, our GPS trackers can be made ready for the immediate use by taking into account the needs of inserting SIM cards, packaging, and pre-configuration.

Learn more about FMT100 and FMP100 tracking devices.

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