Teltonika Supports ContiPressureCheck™

Teltonika Supports ContiPressureCheck™

One of main fleet management aims is to reduce operational costs for end customers. Teltonika provides several solutions for that. Where one of the latest additions is Continental ContiPressureCheck™ support, which greatly extends tire exploitation times, by constantly monitoring tires’ pressure, temperature and alarm. We are happy to collaborate with market leaders to provide best value for our customers. More about CONTIPRESSURECHECK™.

Feature is implemented on Teltonika FMB640. Wireless pressure sensors are mounted inside tires ensuring accurate information that is sent to the Central Control unit (CCU). FMB640 connects to this unit via CAN line and can read data about total number of tires connected, total number of axles, graphical position and what‘s most important information regarding every tire pressure, temperature and alarm. FMB640 sends all the received information data to server, where it can be further analyzed and decisions which increase efficiency can be made. More about FMB640.

Now not only the driver will see his truck tires data on dashboard, but you will have live data about the state of the tires in whole your fleet in one place.


Live TPMS data
TPMS live data helps to ensure correct tire pressure which is essential for car safety, handling and comfortable driving.

Extended lifetime
An accurate tire pressure ensures tire-to-road adhesion which increases tires lifetime period.

Fuel economy
An accurate tire pressure reduce fuel consumption and decrease CO 2 emission.

Teltonika Supports ContiPressureCheck™