Teltonika Telematics best-selling tracker FMB120 joined the 1 Million club! Over the last 4 years, this versatile and reliable tracking device has constantly showed its remarkable benefits to our clients and partners worldwide. As a result, we celebrate 1 million FMB120 units deployed and rightfully call it our ‘golden’ tracker for the significant value it brings.

The milestone comes as no surprise – since its launch in April 2017, FMB120 has been the No. 1 choice for a great deal of fleet managers and owners. Being widely applicable, this advanced tracking device meets the needs and interests across diverse industries, including delivery services, car sharing and rental, insurance, agriculture, emergency services and more. Versatility is perfectly matched with the outstanding quality, which ensures a long and sound device life. Accordingly, clients find it easy to trust FMB120 and recommend it to other telematics professionals.



The success of FMB120 rests on its extended feature set that proved to be highly useful for effective fleet management. The tracker carried on all the best qualities of its predecessors FM11 and FMA120, while offering new features – even compared to the already popular and widely used FMB920.

Having the possibility to connect CAN adapters was the feature enthusiastically welcomed by fleet owners, especially in Europe. CAN adapters are designed to acquire such data as mileage, fuel level, fuel consumption, RPM and more. With all this information at hand, managers can utilize their fleets efficiently and keep vehicles in a good shape.

Thanks to 1-wire interface, fleet managers can easily make sure that only authorized drivers use vehicles. Immobilizer works as a safety feature that protects from starting vehicle engine without a proper authorization – using either iButton or RFID reader. Besides, it can always be known which drivers are on the road making their time tracking and identification an automated process.

Upgrading GPS trackers with Bluetooth technology vastly expands their usability and it was exactly the case with FMB120 too. The functionalities of BLE sensors and BLE beacons can do wonders – from monitoring temperature and humidity to keeping track of trailers – for all kinds of businesses. In addition, FMB120 has multiple digital inputs, digital outputs and analog inputs opening advanced ways to monitor and control fleets remotely.

When it comes to firmware, FMB120 was able to offer Crash detection with crash trace, Excessive idling, Unplug detection, Towing detection, Bluetooth OBDII dongle support, and configuration over Bluetooth among others. Rich and flexible features make this tracker a truly ‘golden’ choice for a wide array of use cases.


The project of FMB120 started in July 2016 and 9 months later the first batch of 200 devices saw the light of day. Over the following 4 years, FMB120 has been continuously developed and improved to become the achiever of 1 million units worldwide!

Key product enhancements include adding FOTA WEB functionality in July 2017, supporting Bluetooth and changing micro-SD card to internal flash memory since January 2018, and updating base firmware with BLE beacons and BLE sensors support in November 2019.

In terms of design, FMB120 has undergone two major modifications – casing design was changed in March 2019 to make it more modern and ergonomic and marking method was changed from tampography to laser printing in December 2019 to increase the marking quality, precision and durability.

These developments reflect how FMB120 has managed to remain a favorite tracking device for fleet managers and owners. Its whole lifetime is an uninterrupted success story assisting business to grow and be more prosperous and efficient.





With FMB120 witnessing a spectacular milestone, Teltonika Telematics keeps upgrading product portfolio and sets the scene for new occasions to celebrate. Our ‘golden’ tracker passes all its acclaimed features to the family of FMx130 series devices that come with additional impressive functionalities to cater the needs of business owners around the globe.

FMB130, FMU130, FMC130 and FMM130 are the four successors to cover various connectivity options – 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and LTE CAT M1, respectively. These devices bring even more possibilities – additional digital output (3 in total) for immobilizer, buzzer, alarm lights or door lock, negative input to save precious integration time when connecting accessories and impulse input with fuel flow data reading for a much more accurate fuel usage control.

FMx130 series tracking devices have already gained recognition from our customers worldwide. Are they the next candidates to join the 1 Million club?

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