Private passenger cars and family vehicles global market is not only huge, but it keeps growing year after year. So, the demand for responsible driving, safety, behaviour awareness, fuel efficiency, timely maintenance, auto theft risk reduction using the latest technologies. To fulfil the needs of the B2C market, here at Teltonika Telematics we have developed the practical vehicle GPS tracking, monitoring, and messaging solution.


There is an impressive variety of vehicle telematics products and solutions to assist all sorts of corporate fleets - route optimisation, driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle maintenance scheduling, anti-theft, speed limiting, fuel economy, environmentally conscious solutions, etc. You name it; you get it.

But what about private passenger cars, SUVs, family vehicles, and camper vans then? According to Statista, only in the year 2019 alone, some 56 million passenger cars were produced worldwide. Revenue in this market segment is projected to reach over 1,633 billion US dollars in 2021. The B2C car market is massive and growing, it has its own challenges and demands which creates a great opportunity for profitable IoT related projects too.

No doubt, like any fleet manager or business owner, private drivers and families are interested in vehicle status and location tracking and monitoring, willing maintain them in a proper condition, keep family members and cars safe as much as possible, improve awareness and accountability, avoid traffic accidents, minimise running cost, insurance fees and so on.

Passenger car safety remains a considerable concern too. There are plenty of conventional car alarm system choices for any budget and taste all over the internet or in specialised stores, but there are a few problems - professional car thieves know how to disable them and conventional security systems rely on other people who can hear the sound alarm to care about the car in danger. Sadly, that does work as effectively as expected.

To address these challenges, fulfil the B2C market demand for vehicle telematics know-how and assist private vehicle owners, Teltonika Telematics introduces a practical present-day solution utilising OBD GPS trackers.


On-board Diagnostics type vehicle GPS devices are accurate, affordable, small and lightweight, have a sufficient set of tracking parameters and features, their installation takes literally a few moments. Nothing complicated, no mess or confusion, no extra fees what makes them the right choice for B2C market segment clients.

For this use case, we choose the brand new ultra-small Teltonika tracker FMB003 with the latest generation electronic components. It is a Plug and Play vehicle GPS device dedicated to OBD applications and allowing to read OEM parameters including Real Odometer and Real Fuel Level data.

Here is how it works - FMB003 model tracks vehicle location via GNSS, multiple vehicle parameters of interest and their status in real-time. The device sends the gathered data, combined with its GNSS location details, via a GSM network to a server for analysis. The data can be monitored via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the dedicated software or mobile app, or both.

If there is anything out of the ordinary happens to a vehicle, a driver (car owner or any person in charge) will receive a notification instantly. As a result, it allows to take an appropriate action timely - for instance, look through the window to check on the car, intervene at once if necessary, call family member, police or relevant authorities, insurance agency, auto repair company, etc.

Thanks to this, a car owner can effortlessly track, receive relevant and instant status notifications, and monitor vehicle around the clock anywhere around the world. For instance, its current location, trip details and history, troubling driving detection (sporty driving or racing, inattentive behaviour, over speeding), low or unusual fast battery drain, fuel consumption data, started engine, the vehicle moved outside the locked area, tracker jamming, suspicious vibrations and towing detection, diagnostics trouble codes, etc.

The outcome of this is impressive - greatly improved awareness about vehicle and driving it family member (teenage driver or pregnant wife) whereabouts, car security, health status because of timely maintenance, comprehensive reports, lower insurance fees, reduced expenses overall, and fewer reasons for worry, to say at least. Not to mention a good night’s sleep.




We offer not only pretty special ultra-small 3rd generation OBD GPS trackers with the latest generation of electronic components, but the remarkable up-to-date vehicle security solution ensuring automated tracking, monitoring, messaging, and efficient management options to protect motor assets and meet the most demanding needs that currently exist in a global market. It is a superb choice for a wide range of use cases in the B2C market segment and beyond.

Teltonika is the right place to get all you need to succeed - an impressive variety of certified GPS trackers, accessories, and solutions for any use case imaginable in vehicle telematics. Our over 23 years of expertise and innovative approach, extensive global market knowledge, top-notch product quality, state-of-the-art production facilities with automated robotic assembly lines and customer support meeting your expectations give us a competitive edge and make Teltonika Telematics a business partner of choice.

Produit en vedette FMB003

Appareil plug and play avec capacité de lecture des paramètres OEM dédiée aux applications OBD de nouvelle génération! En savoir plus sur la page wiki


Our smallest GNSS tracker for rich connected car applications


Crash detection according to accelerometer data


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


OBD OEM parameters (PIDs) – Real odometer and fuel level


Supported vehicles and data list


Standard OBDII data reading from vehicle ECU