Fast and easy fuel level sensor integration

Fast and easy fuel level sensor integration

Teltonika’s philosophy – Easy key to IoT, so we continuously improve our devices and make changes, that make our solutions easy to use. Today we want to introduce fast and easy way of liquid level sensor (LLS) installation using wireless Bluetooth connection.

Fast and easy liquid level sensor (LLS) installation

Teltonika produces solutions, that allow our clients to use it in an easy way. We continuously make improvements, that help to speed up integrations.

One of this type of upgrades is Bluetooth Low Energy sensors support, that allows to connect various sensors and extend range of your solutions.

Today we want to tell more about support of Technoton and Eskort wireless LLS for fuel level monitoring. You can connect up to 4 sensors to our device.

LLS installation is very advanced and time-consuming process. To speed up installation we offer using wireless Bluetooth connection between FM device and LLS. Process of installation becomes quicker and it eliminates cable breaks.

For extra acceleration of configuration process, we have created preloaded setups for Technoton and Escort LLS.

Fast and easy fuel level sensor integration

This fuel tracking solution ensures effective fuel accounting, helps to decrease fuel drain situations, prevents from using cars not for work and give more information about car status.

One of the most popular LLS producers – Technoton and Escort tested and confirmed compatibility of our FM devices and their Bluetooth LLS. More information, instructions and recommendations can be found in the links below: Technoton and Escort