TACHO cable

Tacho cable is a special cable dedicated for an easy tachograph connection. It has two sockets for plug and play connection – K-LINE (D connector) & TachoCAN (C connector), and an already prepared pair of twisted wires for another CAN connection.

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There are 2 versions of tacho cable:

Tacho cable complete with all 20 wires for a variety of use cases based on the client’s needs.

Simplified tacho cable with the wires that are only needed for Remote Data Download (RDD) and FMS solution – VCC(+), GND(-), DIN1, CAN1 Low and High, CAN2 Low and High, and K-LINE. There is no need to hide or cut any additional wires.

Tacho cable


Simplified tacho cable


Tacho cable gives you an easy access to the following data:

  • Download tachograph files remotely
  • Get CAN data from the heavy vehicles using FMS J1939 standard
  • Receive live vehicle data from tachograph via K-LINE

The cable can be used with FMB640, FMC640, FMM640, FM6300, and FMB630 devices. can-cable-2-300x300.jpg