At Teltonika Telematics, we are always committed to providing the most useful products and the highest quality of service, which has always been and will always be our top priority. Because customer satisfaction is so important to us, to help you improve company performance and provide more opportunities for your business, we have sorted through the Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution, highlighting past and current successes so you can be part of it.

A Long way to the top

Our solution is evolving constantly and we have undergone a long way from a small pool of European countries with less data allowance without advanced features and automation to the spot, where we are now. We never stop improving, and this year we have worked hard to deliver several impactful updates to Teltonika Connectivity Solution and the Global Plan of it.

In May 2022, we increased Teltonika Global Plan coverage to 134 countries and territories around the globe with all previously introduced features included. The plan went live and was immediately available to all our connectivity users worldwide. Given the current business climate, we have managed to keep the price unchanged, so, quite simply, we give you extra value for free!

We never stop developing the Teltonika Global Plan and constantly improve the service – we have recently added a number of fallback operators in several countries, increased IoT Platform stability, and expanded the list of LTE-M / Cat M1 countries too. The current country list with corresponding mobile network types is available here alongside the general overview of the Global Plan, solution benefits as well as ordering information.

What Is in it for your business?

We always thrive to deliver only the best to the customers and our solution is evolving constantly, and are offering numerous benefits at no extra value:

We can also insert plastic SIM cards (or solder eSIM chips) into the GPS trackers and provide ready-to-use devices to our customers. We can perform insertion with our customers’ SIM cards in the same way as we do with ours. Normally, this procedure comes at an additional cost depending on the number of SIM cards.

However, for a limited time, we are providing free SIM card insertion into our vehicle GPS devices for orders of 500 or more Teltonika Global Plan SIM cards to further support the well-established Teltonika Connectivity Solution. Plan your orders and order more in one piece to get more from the Teltonika SIM card insertion offer.


Who said ‘free’? We did! Earlier this year, thanks to the outstanding technical level of our solution, we offered a unique connectivity advantage – free and unlimited SMS message commands and replies on our IoT Platform. This means that in all 134 countries currently served, all SMS messages sent from the platform (directly or via API) to Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers with our SIM cards are free. SMS sending instructions are provided here.

However, please be advised that SMS replies to requests sent from an external GSM number are chargeable (the SMS would cost the same as the network operator’s charge). To receive a response from a GPS tracker, an SMS bundle must be purchased. In this case, SMS messages are sent and received to an external GSM number outside the Teltonika network.


The Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution connects a large number of Teltonika GPS tracking devices around the world and it is only through connectivity data can be exchanged remotely. What challenges can the Teltonika Connectivity Solution overcome then?

Teltonika GPS trackers with our SIM cards greatly complicate the vehicle theft process and can prevent loss and even recover lost assets. Auto top-up helps to stay connected as it automatically renews the same data plan under the same conditions when the remaining amount of data has been used up to a specified limit. Finally, the roamingless Teltonika Global Plan helps prevent roaming costs for border patrol operations near national borders and stay connected as long as it is needed.

The cases provided above are only a part of the practical examples our customers benefit from. Last but not least, please note that every Teltonika Telematics use case has a connectivity aspect in one form or another, as data exchange, notifications and alerts are simply not possible without network coverage.

To sum up, Teltonika Telematics provides a complete solution including SIM cards, a custom-made IoT Platform, a wide range of vehicle GPS trackers, accessories, and first-class customer support. That said, simply contact your Teltonika Sales Manager now to reap all the benefits and value – get the product, insert SIM, stay connected, and share your success with us! All this and more are just a phone call away.