How we worked in the “other” telematics

How we worked in the “other” telematics

Our company has been developing telematics equipment for many years. Clients and partners are attracted by high quality, price and our openness to new projects.

One and a half year ago, we were contacted by the Russian company UBI Technologies, which promotes insurance telematics in Russia and the CIS countries. Based on the world leader technology, UBI has created a high-quality service that allows, due to the many parameters, analyze the quality and safety of driving and even reduce the number of accidents.

At that moment, a team from UBI worked on new services for insurance companies and were looking for a partner to create a new generation of telematic devices. The task was to make a miniature device out of shockproof material and at the same time it should be so simple that any beginner could install it.

Spoiler: we did it.

But first, more about the platform itself and how everything works.

Insurance Telematics

When the car owner insures his car, the insurance company can offer a significant discount on the policy, provided that the client installs telematics on the car and drives carefully and safely.

While driving, the telematics device collects detailed information about driving habits (sharp accelerations, sharp braking, sharp turns and many other parameters) and sends to the server where the main magic is happening.

The system analyses the driving style according to the specified parameters, evaluates the driver and sets a rating, taking into account which discount on the insurance policy the driver receives.

If an accident occurs, the system will instantly transfer information to the call center of the insurance company along with a full report of what happened.

About the main functions

UBI has offered to work together on a new generation of telematic devices that would be convenient for installation in the engine compartment and introduce a package of necessary functions for the telematics market:

  1. Reconstruction of an accident (dump file).
  2. “Enduring strength”, so that the device has time to send signals about what happened even with severe accidents;
  3. Notification receiving in case of car evacuation;
  4. To send a notification that the battery will be running out soon (this is very important for the northern regions);

To develop these functions, it was necessary to rethink the concept of the device and develop a different approach.

Time to market

In about three to four months, together with the UBI team we formulated the architecture of the future solution, conducted the first tests and launched working prototypes on more complex tests.

We made the device miniature and very easy to install. The plastic was selected especially durable, the devices learned to withstand the strongest impacts. Particular attention from the elemental base was given to the choice of an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

It is also important that upon impact, the device always has time to transmit a signal about an accident and a data dump ten seconds before and after the accident.

Learn more about the device by clicking on the link