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January 23, 2024

Teltonika Telematics introduces the cutting-edge TAT141 asset GPS tracker with 4G LTE Cat M1 connectivity and certifications for the North American market. The latest addition to our proven family of asset trackers, this model brings the same great benefits to the US and Canadian markets.



The new asset tracker provides periodic or scheduled location reports without the need for external power, with a variety of mounting options and no installation costs, making it the perfect device for a variety of scenarios. Moreover, it has the necessary certifications for the US market, including, PTCRB, FCC, IC, and AT&T (in progress).

One of the prominent scenarios is the recovery of stolen vehicles, where Teltonika TAT141 can be used in several ways. Firstly, the backup tracking solution with our wired or Plug and Play GPS trackers is an innovative way to maximise vehicle security, typically requested by leasing, car sharing, rental, and construction equipment rental companies. In this case, TAT141 acts as a backup tracker, periodically scanning for the main vehicle GPS tracker via encrypted Bluetooth® packets.

If the wired tracker is compromised by potential thieves and TAT141 no longer detects it, it will begin reporting its location, allowing the vehicle to be recovered. In this scenario, a battery life of up to 5 years* can be expected.

Secondly, the discreet vehicle monitoring solution using the new GPS device as a standalone tracker. It is wireless and compact, making it easy to hide and seamless to install, and provides movement-based periodic or scheduled location reports according to your business needs. In this scenario, a battery life of up to 3 years* can be expected if one report per day is selected.

Going further, another popular application is the tracking of construction machinery and equipment. It helps to prevent theft and recover construction assets if they are stolen, saving significant costs. Finally, it can be used for effortless goods tracking, helping to secure and manage valuable cargo, pallets of goods and similar assets in transit. Of course, it doesn't stop there; there are many other use cases where Teltonika TAT141 can be useful and successfully adapted to your business needs.

* Battery life estimates are affected by many factors, including outdoor temperature, reporting frequency, device placement and orientation, network coverage, additional features (such as Bluetooth® scanning enabled) and more.


Movement-based tracking: TAT141 focuses on the prevention and recovery of items in case of theft. If an asset is stolen, it's usually on the move. So, business owners and managers can choose to track only when an object is moving. This reduces unnecessary event records when it is stationary and increases relevant records when in motion.

Example: If a car is stolen, it's likely to be on the move. If it's parked for a long time, tracking becomes less relevant. In such cases, turning off the 'on stop' recording will save battery power and result in more total records while on the move.

Weekly scheduler: Track assets only during high-risk periods for theft, such as working hours or weekends. This approach will extend the battery life of the TAT141 and discourage unauthorised personal use of company assets or vehicles outside working hours. For assets that are mostly stationary, consider minimal tracking, possibly as infrequent as once a week.

Example: A customer who wants to prevent employees from using company cars for personal purposes at weekends can use the scheduler to track cars only during this time.


It is also possible to purchase a magnetic mounting holder for the TAT141 to simplify the installation process for users. This innovative approach means you can easily attach the device to a metal surface without the need for additional tools or equipment.

This not only ensures secure mounting but also provides a seamless experience, saving you time and effort in the set-up process. The magnetic holder provides a secure and stable hold, giving you the peace of mind that your valuable assets are being tracked with the utmost ease.


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