In today's business environment, protecting all types of valuable assets has become an essential process for every organisation and company owner. Handily, Teltonika Telematics offers a comprehensive and advanced solution designed to significantly reduce costs for those who invest in effective asset management, ensuring both security and efficiency for a large variety of businesses.


In a world where people, companies, and government institutions own a wide range of valuable assets, ensuring their protection and management is increasingly important. These assets, ranging from construction tools and equipment to pallets of goods and frozen food, come in many forms and often have unique requirements such as time-sensitive delivery or limited lifespans. As a result, asset owners must employ a variety of strategies to protect their investments.

For example, recent reports show an increase in cargo theft from storage facilities worldwide. In 2020, losses from warehouses and other storage facilities increased to 25% of all thefts worldwide, up from 10% the previous year. In Europe, 48% of reported thefts in 2020 came from warehouses and production facilities, compared to just 18% in 2019. Shoplifting is responsible for 36.5% of inventory shrinkage.

What about valuable deliveries and cargo? Theft in transit remains the highest proportion of total cargo theft, although the 71% share is down from 2019 (87%). In the same year, 64% of all cargo theft in the Asia-Pacific region took place in India. Furthermore, according to the International Institute of Refrigeration 2021, the lack of proper refrigeration has directly led to the loss of 526 million tonnes of food production or 12% of total global production.

However, by employing comprehensive asset tracking solutions from Teltonika Telematics, businesses can save both time and money, effectively protecting their valuable assets from potential loss or theft. Here is how…



To meet these challenges and provide the desired result, we chose the Teltonika TAT100 autonomous asset tracker with a few key features, such as a compact design with a water-resistant and robust IP68-rated casing for harsh environmental conditions, long battery life of up to 3 years or 1,000 records (sending 1 record per day), Bluetooth® chipset with low power consumption, the Location-Based Service (aka LBS) scenario, different mounting options for easy installation and compatibility with EYE beacons and sensors.

The model is ideal for tracking valuable goods, construction equipment, waste containers and other non-powered assets. In addition, if customers need to monitor the temperature inside refrigerated lorries and trailers, they can install an additional accessory, the Teltonika EYE Sensor, which ensures fleet managers can detect any deviations from the specified temperature range and ensure that the cargo arrives in optimum condition.

How it works - an autonomous asset tracker TAT100 combined with a wireless Bluetooth® EYE Sensor provides a comprehensive solution for tracking and monitoring valuable assets. The asset tracker receives location data from GNSS, providing accurate positioning information for assets of interest.

At the same time, the wireless sensor measures temperature (also humidity, and/or magnet status if required) and transmits this data to the TAT100 device within a certain range. The asset tracker then sends the collected information at a pre-configured interval to a dedicated software platform. This allows managers in charge to remotely monitor the condition and location of assets.

Let’s say, a business or fleet owner needs to transport a variety of valuable assets. Whether they are stored in a warehouse, distribution centre, or loaded onto a lorry, the TAT100 provides unwavering monitoring. This cutting-edge device easily attaches to any pallet and operates seamlessly thanks to a pair of exceptionally low self-discharge batteries that can withstand long journeys or extended periods of use.

Asset owners can rest easy knowing they can monitor the location and condition of their valuables via a third-party platform. Equipped with internal high-gain GNSS antennas, the TAT100 provides periodic information about the shipment throughout its journey, which can be customised to the user's preferences.

To sum up, the combination of an autonomous asset tracker TAT100 and a wireless EYE Sensor provides a robust and reliable way to track and monitor valuable assets and consignments - works of art, freight pallets, caravans, trailers, manufacturing equipment, waste containers, agricultural and construction equipment, mobile items such as bio-toilets, etc. - ensuring that their location and environmental conditions are maintained within acceptable ranges.




  • Periodic asset monitoring – Teltonika TAT100 provides tracking at pre-configured/scheduled time intervals or periods, ensuring that companies always have up-to-date information on the location and status of their assets.
  • Extended battery life - the asset GPS tracker has a long-lasting swappable internal battery with a lifespan of up to 1,000 records or 3 years when transmitting a record once a day.
  • Improved asset security - by tracking the location of valuable assets, companies can identify and respond to potential theft or unauthorised movement, reducing the risk of loss or damage.
  • Greater operational efficiency - the asset tracker TAT100 helps companies optimise routes and schedules, reducing transportation costs and improving overall efficiency.
  • Regulatory compliance - tracking and monitoring ensures that companies comply with industry regulations for transporting and storing goods, such as temperature-controlled food products.
  • Data-driven decision-making - access to valuable data on asset movements, usage patterns and performance can help companies make informed decisions to improve their operations.
  • Scalable telematics solution - the autonomous asset tracker TAT100 can be easily integrated into existing systems and is adaptable to businesses of all sizes, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution for asset tracking and monitoring.
  • Improved customer satisfaction - by providing customers with accurate delivery and shipment information, organisations can improve customer experience and satisfaction.


Teltonika offers the TAT100 autonomous asset tracker, a popular and reliable choice for the effective management of assets, cargo, and inventory assets. Equipped with a high-capacity internal battery and multiple mounting options, this GPS device meets the challenges of tracking and monitoring valuable items of interest. Its robust and certified IP68-rated casing ensures long life.

Teltonika Telematics has an unrivalled reputation for delivering world-class certified vehicle GPS trackers, asset trackers, accessories, and customised solutions to suit every possible telematics project. Over 25 years, our dedicated team has continuously helped customers and partners in over 160 countries worldwide achieve their goals. To date, Teltonika manufacturing capabilities have produced an impressive 21 million IoT devices, enabling countless businesses and organisations to achieve their goals. Our unrivalled expertise and in-depth experience make us the ideal business partner for all your telematics needs.

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