Our popular FMB1 devices with 3G network are here

Our popular FMB1 devices with 3G network are here

Many carriers have already shut down their 2G networks and many more are going to do it soon. USA, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland carriers already do not provide 2G network. In 2019 World Mobile Congress many GSM operators announced their plans of disabling 2G network in near future.

Teltonika are moving forward together with market needs and presents new FMB platform family devices with 3G network! We have released FMU1YX device series named FMU125 and FMU130. New models does not only fulfil growing needs of 3G network tracking systems, but also provide 2G network as a backup.

2G fall back will bring 2 major use cases:

  1. Countries where 2G will be off soon.
  2. Countries where 3G coverage is not wide enough.

FMB1YX series devices are our best sellers and most universal devices regarding use cases. This is particular reason we upgraded FMUYX devices with 3G network. Main objection of upgrading 2G tracking system to 3G is installation time and cost. We have solution for this:

Taking all those advantages together, you will be able to change already installed device easily and cost effective.

Links to website description: FMU130 and FMU125.