New 4G (LTE Cat 1) devices - FMC125 & FMC130!

New 4G (LTE Cat 1) devices - FMC125 & FMC130!

In countries all around the world operators act different: some discontinue of supporting 2G others are closing 3G networks or investing in 4G network coverage spreading. It is difficult to choose and predict which devices will be suitable in regions with different networks. We have a solution.

We developed a solution and released FMC1YX devices named FMC125 and FMC130. New models do not only fulfill growing need of 4G (LTE Cat 1) network tracking systems, but also provide 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) fallback to support continuous connection where 4G (LTE Cat 1) network is not available. Stability and continuous technology support of all networks is very important for daily telematics business with no interference from operators side.

Key features:

In some countries 2G or 3G networks soon will not be supported (USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia) because of investments to fast growing networks (e.g. 4G). New FMC1YX devices will support all networks connectivity for all regions with various modules.
The graph shows decreasing of 2G subscribers and 4G Network growth.

Links to website description: FMC130 and FMC125.