We are happy to present you the first Teltonika Telematics video solution – Teltonika DualCam the advanced tracker with a dual camera!

Teltonika DualCam records view in both directions – the front, i.e. what is happening on the road, and the back, i.e. the driver and the passengers if they are present. By capturing other traffic participants, filming the front of a vehicle is invaluable in the cases of car accidents. Meanwhile, recording the interior of a car gives a clear understanding of what is going inside the vehicle.

The major advantage - videos and event photos transfer to a server, thus providing evidence of road accidents that occurred because of technical failures, careless driving or other incidents punishable by law. With this video telematics solution, you will have detailed evidence of incidents, and the handling of a traffic accident will be much simpler and faster.

Also, a video can be requested by sending SMS / GPRS command based on certain events received to a server – including but not limited to Green driving, Idling detection, Unplug detection, Towing detection, or Geofence, etc., and showing a specific time of recording, i.e. timestamp. Up to 60 seconds length record can be sent to a server. When driving a vehicle, the dual camera is constantly filming and storing video footage to MicroSD cards with a capacity of 64GB and a recording time of up to 72 hours.

Teltonika DualCam connects to FMC125 via RS232 interface, videos are created in 720p resolution, and High Efficiency Video Coding H265 provides good video quality while maintaining a small file size and ensuring high transfer rate.


It is already on sale– contact your sales manager and be the first to try out the new Teltonika DualCam solution!

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