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March 14, 2023

Here it comes – Telematics Product Catalog March 2023 with the widest selection of our devices ever! We added 10 new vehicle trackers and expanded product selection with the innovative solutions for remote monitoring of assets, workforce and e-mobility transport, such as e-scooters or e-bikes.


To help you choose what meet your needs best, we offer our products in 10 distinctive categories. Each of them contains tracking devices thoughtfully designed for various usage scenarios across diverse industries and sectors. Meanwhile, every product is conveniently presented with all the needed information for integrators, including connectivity options, key features, pinout scheme, and QR codes for further reference.

Among our new offerings, you will find future-proof Plug & Play trackers FMC800 and FMM800, the whole selection of devices certified for the North America region, and all-in-one model FMC650 for professional applications. Expand your business in the most efficient way – we have you covered with the most recent additions to our product portfolio as well as with time-tested bestsellers.

The new catalog has a refreshing new look, features the latest use cases, introduces value-adding solutions to experience telematics to the fullest, and includes handy product comparison and accessory compatibility tables.

Wait no more – start browsing now and select the best unit for your business!

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