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November 28, 2023

Teltonika GPS trackers can do much more than just provide coordinates. Businesses can use tracking data to improve fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs, ensure compliance, safety, etc. All of this comes from the heart of the device – its firmware, the place where the customised solutions are transformed into capabilities and opportunities for the end users. The BASE firmware 03.29 update is a major step forward in this process, providing even more capabilities and opportunities for our customers.



The update offers a wider range of hardware support, and the list of devices is still growing and can be found on the Wiki. It includes models, such as our best-selling FMC920, FMC130, and FMC230.

The extension of hardware support ensures consistency of functionality and compatibility between different Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers. This is very important for users who have different devices in their fleet - the latest updates can be applied to all devices at the same time on the FOTA WEB platform, simplifying the process by using one firmware for multiple tracking devices, noticeably saving time and effort.

In addition, with the click of an update button, our customers can unlock the rich feature set that was previously only available on request. For example, the SECO functionality, which helps to control the fuel pump to completely stop a vehicle driven by unauthorised personnel, the Backup tracker functionality, which doubles the security of a vehicle, GNSS Jamming scenario or revised blacklist functionality, which helps to block devices from working on the specific operator, are now available without any additional intervention.

In addition, as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are gaining popularity worldwide, BASE firmware 03.29 will include MQTT support with most Teltonika Telematics devices, which will help to build simple IoT applications. It will ensure seamless integration of vehicle GPS trackers and customers' software platforms or IoT infrastructure, and customers can immediately start using MQTT for real-time data transfer without delays or waiting for additional implementation with Teltonika GPS trackers.


But that's not all! Our BASE firmware 03.29 includes a better user experience with improved functionality and revised logic for various features. It has also added new SMS/GPRS commands to help our customers retrieve the data they need (e.g., vehicle fault codes) or activate the vehicle system (such as horn sound via CAN-CONTROL) simply by sending an SMS/GPRS command to those devices that can read CAN data and/or support CAN adapters.


A distinctive market presence is one of the key elements for staying in the market. Some companies are switching from fuel-based to electric vehicle (EV) fleets, while others are trying to connect external accessories to improve fleet performance or are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. All of this can be achieved with the BASE firmware 03.29 update too.

Following this trend, we are expanding the list of EV OEM parameters that can be read by OBD-II devices. All of them provide useful information about EVs, including battery status, allowing monitoring its health, remaining distance, and charging status. At the same time, trackers with BASE firmware 03.29 can scan 25 times more - up to 100 Teltonika EYE Sensors simultaneously, by name, far exceeding the limits of others.

Going further, thanks to the Proximity Events that come with this firmware, we are extending our ability to find out when trailers approach and/or leave the warehouse, when tools are being loaded in or out, how much time the waste collection vehicle spends near each container and similar use cases.

Best of all, all these improvements are completely free, helping you to lead the industry with Teltonika products! We guarantee hassle-free future updates, making it seamless to keep your BASE firmware up to date with additional enhancements. Stay ahead of the curve with exciting features, from advanced improvements to cutting-edge additions, now available to all our customers!


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