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December 10, 2021

Since its launch earlier this year, Teltonika Telematics Advanced Driver Assistance System (Teltonika ADAS for short), an innovative video solution combining the advanced vehicle GPS tracker FMC125 and a dedicated ADAS camera with a display, has been gaining popularity.


This assistance system is an advanced feature designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technology that warns a driver of possible collisions and various unintentional (or deliberate) errors on the road. It provides the driver with instant visual and audible alerts via a small monitor in front of the driver when specific events are detected.

However, the growing popularity of Teltonika ADAS has already led to rumours and misinterpretations about what it does and how it works. Again and again, we hear questions about whether it can really help prevent distracted/risky driving, unwanted habits and fatal injuries, or is it just an expensive and luxurious add-on? Why choose the ADAS solution, what are the main benefits for the telematics service providers, fleet owners, drivers, the public, etc.?

To answer questions of this kind, on 2 December 2021, Teltonika Telematics, together with the UK-based fleet management software provider and business partner 3Dtracking, held a webinar ADAS SOLUTION ON 3DTRACKING PLATFORM. Thereby, attendees in the live online session learnt about the product functionality and the value it brings, apparently saw how to track, group, and analyse Teltonika ADAS events via the 3Dtracking platform, which provides detailed driver monitoring along with a point-based system for drivers ranking.



Attendance and popularity of the webinar exceeded our expectations, participants asked dozens of questions. This time, we are going the extra step and bringing the most popular and frequently asked questions we have got to your attention helping to bring clarity, and dispel doubts or false rumours:

Q: To the best of my knowledge, this ADAS solution camera can only work on a 4G network. Wrong, or right?

A: That is absolutely wrong! Our solution consists of ADAS and Teltonika FMx125 tracker. Upon demand, you can connect FMB125 (2G), FMU125 (3G), FMC125 (LTE CAT 1) or FMM125 (LTE CAT M1) device to an ADAS via RS-232.

Q: I've heard that there is a way to get live-streaming video from an ADAS camera. Is this true?

A: No, it is false and not possible because of the RS-232 connectivity properties. Currently, you can get ADAS camera events to the server. So, not just the drivers, but also a fleet operators will have a full view of the fleet.

Q: False or true: can I get video from an ADAS camera on a server?

A: As for now, you can manually retrieve video files from the ADAS MicroSD card. In the future, we plan to develop a solution to download videos/photos remotely.

Q: Some argue that the ADAS solution can also apply vehicle brakes. Is it really?

A: No, I am afraid not. Teltonika ADAS solution camera can instantly notify a driver and send events to the dedicated server. The brakes are fully under driver control.

Q: To my understanding, I can connect an ADAS camera to any other manufacturer’s vehicle GPS tracker. Is that right?

A: No, integration is only possible with Teltonika Telematics FMx125 series devices. We supply a unique solution consisting of an ADAS camera and Teltonika trackers.

As you would expect, Teltonika Telematics doesn't stop there - we will continue to keep our customers and prospects informed of relevant information in the future. Should you have further questions or wish to receive additional information regarding the matter, please feel free to contact your Teltonika Account/ Sales Manager at your convenience.

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