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February 28, 2023

The fleet telematics is getting up the speed. Thus, concerns regarding it remain the same - supply chain shortages, cost of inflation, safety and limited capacity are still an issue for most businesses. Because of that, the technology is expected to be critical in keeping fleets running most efficiently. As a result, Teltonika Telematics together with 3Dtracking provides a FAST & EASY SOLUTION to meet these challenges!


The potential of this market is enormous! The global fleet telematics market is expected to expand from $72.78 billion in 2022 to $213.67 billion by 2029. Many fleet management companies and telematics service providers are already prepared and adopted standard solutions to optimise the fleet. Are you?

To learn more about this topic, please find a bit of time in your busy schedule and take part in getting the most out of it. For your convenience, we will answer your questions during the live Q&A session. Just fill in your registration details below and watch it live on the scheduled day!


  • FAST & EASY portfolio overview – which devices belong to this category and their key features overview.
  • 3Dtracking platform overview – the possibilities and benefits of an innovative platform.
  • Most popular use cases – introduction to relevant use cases with the 3Dtracking platform live demo.
  • Special Offer – only the attendees of the webinar will get a special offer of a Teltonika Telematics device and 3Dtracking platform subscription.
  • Live Q&A session – ask questions to learn more about the topics that interest you.


Povilas Chorlampenkovas, Project Development Coordinator at Teltonika Telematics.

Airidas Stašenka, Projects Coordinator at Teltonika Telematics.

Roydon Michael, CEO at 3Dtracking.

Rudi Grobbelaar, Product Manager at 3Dtracking.

Date and time 7 March 2023, 2:00 PM (GMT +2).

Duration – 45 min.

Language – English.

Click below to register. Once you have successfully registered, we will send a webinar confirmation to your email account. See you online soon!

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