Pet owners cherish their furry companions deeply. However, the most distressing experience is when a beloved dog or cat disappears without a trace, leaving their owners in a state of despair. Fortunately, Teltonika Telematics has developed an appealing tracking solution giving them the ability to monitor the whereabouts of their pets, providing peace of mind and ensuring the safety of their beloved companions.


Pets have undoubtedly been our most cherished ones since time began, a bond that continues to this day. According to Simply Insurance, there are more than 900 million dogs and around 600 million cats in the world. Even more, the pet industry is set to grow from $320 billion today to nearly $500 billion by 2030.

However, pet ownership is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. It is a long-term commitment and safety is of the utmost importance. Sadly, the issue of lost pets is a recurring challenge for pet owners. Statistically, approximately 15% of cat owners lose their feline companion within a period of 5 years. The recovery of pets is often dependent on the animal wearing a tag, with dogs being recovered in 48% of cases and cats in only 19%.

Pets can disappear in the blink of an eye, whether it's through an accidentally left open door or gate, or frightened by loud noises. Such incidents can be greatly distressing for both a pet and its owner. It's worth noting that searching for a lost pet can be a time-consuming and emotionally draining process with no guarantee of success.

Some pet owners choose to implant a microchip under their pet's skin, which can be beneficial if the pet is found by someone equipped with a scanner to read the ID. However, this method does not provide real-time location tracking. Thankfully, Teltonika Telematics offers a reliable and efficient alternative that can significantly increase the chances of a successful reunion and provide pet owners with much-needed peace of mind.



To address the above challenges and provide a practical solution, we use the autonomous mini GPS tracker Teltonika TMT250. It is a rechargeable, compact and lightweight device with a robust IP67-rated casing, perfect for outdoor use, and is equipped with GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth® connectivity antennas.

Teltonika tracker collects the coordinates of a pet of interest and transmits them via the GPRS network to a dedicated server, software platform and mobile application, making it ideal for conveniently locating pets anytime. What is more, its 800 mAh Li-Ion battery, Home zone and multiple Geofence zone features, and a few sleep modes ensure long battery life to keep it fully operational.

How it works - the TMT250, which is typically attached to a pet's collar, uses the GNSS network to determine its location. It allows accurate positioning anywhere in the world where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more satellites.

Once the tracker has calculated its location, it transmits this information using mobile data – the built-in cellular technology to send the GNSS data over the GPRS network to a server. The server receives the data from the TMT250 and processes it. Finally, the app communicates with the server, retrieves the processed data and displays the pet's location on a map. Most dedicated apps also offer additional features such as the ability to set up 'safe zones' and receive alerts when/if a pet leaves these zones.

Even more, Teltonika EYE Beacon accessory can be used to considerably improve the pet tracking experience. Combining both GPS and Bluetooth® technologies, the TMT250 can provide smarter tracking both indoors and outdoors. When a pet is outdoors and far away, the GPS tracker is used to locate the pet.

If the pet is indoors (e.g., at home) or within a certain range, the BLE beacon is detected and the tracker enters sleep mode (Home zone). This extends the battery life of the unit while confirming that the pet is safe at home. If the pet runs away and the beacon is not detected within the specified time, the TMT250 will wake up and start transmitting its GPS location frequently, allowing the pet to be recovered. This combination ensures that the pet can be located in a variety of environments and situations.

To sum up, investing in an autonomous GPS tracker Teltonika TMT250 for a pet is a practical, reliable, and cost-effective solution that offers a wide range of benefits. With continuous monitoring, durable water-resistant casing, and long battery life, this device is designed to give pet owners the ultimate peace of mind. TMT250 is an invaluable asset to the safety and well-being of pets, making it an essential item for any pet owner.




  • Enhanced pet security and whereabouts - the main benefit of using an autonomous Teltonika tracker for pets is the enhanced security it provides. With real-time location tracking, an owner can always know where a pet is, reducing the risk of them getting lost or stolen. If a pet does wander off, the GPS tracker will provide precise location data, enabling a quick and successful recovery.
  • Convenient geo-fencing features - Teltonika TMT250 comes with a geo-fencing feature. This allows for setting virtual boundaries for a pet. If it crosses these boundaries, an individual will receive an instant alert. This feature is particularly useful for pets that love to explore, ensuring they don't stray too far from home.
  • Peace of mind - as for a pet owner, nothing is more distressing than not knowing where a pet is. With TMT250, he/she can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the pet's location at all times. This can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for both family and pet.
  • Easy to use solution – Teltonika GPS tracking device is designed to be user-friendly. It can be easily attached to a pet's collar and monitored via a dedicated smartphone app. This means an owner can check on a pet's location and health anytime, anywhere.
  • Durable and reliable – TMT250 is built to last. It is a water-resistant IP67-rated one and has a considerable battery life, making it perfect for even the most adventurous pets. The model provides reliable tracking in all weather conditions and terrain, ensuring an owner never loses track of a pet.
  • Cost-effective solution - although there is an upfront cost for a GPS tracker, the benefits it provides make it a cost-effective investment. When considering the potential costs associated with losing a pet - both financial and emotional - the expense of the TMT250 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides.


With a rich heritage spanning over a quarter of a century, Teltonika has been at the forefront of providing unparalleled service and support to a global customer base. Our presence in more than 160 countries ensures that local expertise is always within reach, wherever a customer may be.

We are proud to have manufactured over 27 million IoT devices, a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Our extensive portfolio includes an unrivalled range of certified vehicle GPS trackers, autonomous and asset tracking devices, software solutions, and a wide range of accessories.

We also offer bespoke firmware options tailored to a variety of large-scale IoT projects within the telematics industry. At Teltonika, we don't just supply products, we equip our customers and business partners with the forward-looking solutions they need to succeed in the fast-moving IoT market.

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