The motor trade is comprised of two main segments - new car dealers and used car dealers. In recent years, used car sales have become an important source of profit for many new car dealers as margins on new cars have shrunk. By keeping track of fleet conditions, the industry can improve customer retention and overall customer service.


One of the main tasks for fleet managers is to keep their vehicles in good technical condition, as any breakdown can lead to financial losses and weaken customer loyalty. Car dealerships tend to have large fleets. According to Autonews.com, the average European car dealership has 279 new cars and 317 used cars.

It is imperative to monitor the condition of each car, even if it is parked for an extended period of time. In the worst-case scenario, if a customer arrives to view a car and the battery is dead or the fuel tank is empty, it could cost you both a successful deal and the customer's trust.



To meet this challenge, we choose Teltonika FMC003 (4G LTE Cat 1 with fallback to 2G) is a Plug & Play OBD device with GNSS and Bluetooth® connectivity. It is ideal for managing car and light vehicle fleets in industries, such as car dealerships, rental and leasing services, etc.

How it works - our tracking devices can be of great use even before the newly manufactured vehicles reach auto dealers. When transporting cars in trailers or containers from a factory to the dealer's car park, they can be accidentally damaged and, as a result, lose a part of their value. Thanks to the Crash detection feature, such damage will be detected.

The dealer will know in advance, even at the exact stage of transport, when the accident occurred and will have the opportunity to repair it before delivering the car to the customer. It also helps to avoid misunderstandings between the dealer and the manufacturer by providing proof that the accident occurred after the car had left the factory.

Similarly, Teltonika OBD trackers can also detect malfunctions in the transported cars. During the whole transport process, there will be cases when the vehicles need to be started, for example, to move them to a container ship or another location. Even during these short periods when a car is on the road, if something goes wrong, the dealer will be alerted with a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), giving him the chance to resolve the problem as early as possible.

For your convenience, you can configure our GPS tracker to send a notification when the battery reaches a certain level and is about to be fully discharged. This will help you to keep your fleet of vehicles ready for customers at all times.

To keep your parked fleet safe, all Teltonika telematics devices have Geofencing functionality. Using the Teltonika Configurator TCT, you can create your own geo-zones and monitor when a vehicle enters or leaves them. Teltonika Telematics GPS trackers also have a Towing detection feature. The accelerometer can detect any vehicle movement when the ignition is switched off. So, you can be sure that your fleet is safe 24 hours a day.

FMC003 OBD tracker can provide accurate RPM information to track aggressive driving. As soon as a vehicle exceeds the specified number of revolutions per minute, the tracking device detects it and notifies the dealer. In this way, irresponsible employee behaviour can be effectively identified and prevented.

The installation of the devices is usually a significant part of the cost. Installing FMC003 is effortless and simple – you can simply connect FMC003 to the standard OBD socket by yourself. As a result, the OBD solution will let you reduce extra costs.




  • Simplified installation - Plug & Pay functionality means these trackers can be seamlessly integrated without specialist knowledge, saving time and money.
  • Enhanced security - with round-the-clock vehicle security alerts, the trackers act as a deterrent to potential theft and unauthorised access.
  • Comprehensive vehicle data - our advanced technology captures a wealth of data, from route tracking to problematic driving detection and OEM data reading, ensuring vehicles are managed optimally, responsibly, and kept in a proper condition.
  • Increased accountability - monitor driving patterns and behaviour, instilling a sense of responsibility in staff and ensuring vehicles are treated with the utmost care.
  • Optimised fleet management - gain critical insight into the utilisation of each vehicle in your fleet, enabling informed decisions on sales, rotations and maintenance.
  • Customer assurance - provide prospective buyers with a detailed driving history, building trust and providing transparency in every transaction.
  • Future-ready integration - as vehicle technology advances, Teltonika OBD trackers are ready to integrate with emerging systems, making them a sustainable choice for forward-thinking dealerships.


Synonymous with excellence in GPS tracking, Teltonika Telematics has established its niche by successfully deploying over 15 million IoT devices worldwide to date, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our diverse range of European-made vehicle trackers, including the OBD series, are designed to integrate seamlessly into a variety of industries, ensuring that every business, from passenger transport to light commercial operations, can experience the difference.

Teltonika GPS trackers and accessories are not just devices, but a complete solution for fleet managers and car dealers to keep their vehicles in perfect working order and ensure customer loyalty. From accident detection during transport to real-time battery and fuel level alerts, Teltonika Telematics products ensure that your fleet is always ready to make a perfect impression on your customers, thereby increasing customer retention and loyalty.

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