The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting most of the countries and businesses around the world. Many governments keep introducing various lockdown measures including mandatory body temperature daily screening procedure for company and organization personnel along with the fleet drivers. GPS tracker with Bluetooth® connectivity in a combination with modern electronic wearables can be an effective and affordable solution for this matter.


The pandemic has spread to the majority of the world like a wildfire. The most telling symptoms of the infection include fever, dry cough, higher than normal body temperature and breathlessness.

Businesses that remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic are faced with the challenge of determining what they can do to minimize the risk of spreading the virus while still being able to provide critical products and services to communities. To prevent the virus from spreading and comply with local government lockdown regulations, employers have started screening employees’ temperatures to ensure that those with symptoms of the illness would be timely identified, get professional medical help, do not infect their co-workers and other people groups.

With proper training, personal protective equipment, a no-touch thermometer and an understanding of confidentiality considerations, a nonmedical professional can take temperatures and help keep the on-site workplace safe. In most countries for people who have mild symptoms or are still asymptomatic but fear having been in contact with the virus, the advice given by doctors is that they need to measure their temperature at least twice a day and monitor it to help determine if they are getting better or worse.

But there is a substantial challenge here to consider for some types of companies. Businesses such as freight forwarders, carriers, international and domestic couriers, 3rd party logistic service providers, livestock transportation, taxi services and similar got drivers working on the roads off-site.

Depending on a particular company situation and business specifics, some of the drivers or even a majority of them may not be on-site every workday or even not be in the country for some time. If that is the case, how do you test the fleet drivers' body temperature daily and comply with the country's lockdown measures? And that is where a GPS tracker with Bluetooth® connectivity can be utilised efficiently with a minimum effort and reasonable investment.



Personal electronics makers like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi, Suunto, Samsung, Oura Ring, BioSticker, TempWatch and many others build fitness trackers, smartwatches, wristbands, bracelets, and other wearables to help keep people healthy by monitoring their activity and various body parameters. Some of the models can measure body temperature too.

Temperature-tracking bracelets are designed in such a way that they measure body temperature and warn individual with the symptoms of fever, virus, or any other problem in advance. This gives time to take preventive actions beforehand.

That being said, any maker’s smartwatch model with a temperature measurement feature can be used to identify and monitor the sick by measuring a person’s temperature remotely. In our case – the corporate fleet driver’s body temperature.

It works like this: Chosen model and maker temperature-tracking bracelet, wristband or smartwatch is given to a vehicle driver and paired with Teltonika GPS tracker via Bluetooth® connectivity. Please be advised, all Teltonika trackers support Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) and are applicable here but for this case, we use the brand new ultra-small OBD tracker FMB002.

After two devices, the smartwatch and GPS tracker, are successfully paired, the smartwatch starts sending body temperature readings within the given interval of time to the FBM002 tracker. The time interval depends on the particular smartwatch model settings. Afterwards, the collected temperature readings data is transferred to a data server through a cellular network and can be conveniently monitored by corporate fleet management.

As a result, the body temperature of all fleet members working off-site is being checked remotely, timely and effortlessly. The company contributes to preventing the virus from spreading in the country or region and complies with local government lockdown measures and regulations. Everybody wins.




  • Highly beneficial in a current pandemic situation – it contributes to preventing the virus from spreading in the company, country or region and complies with local government lockdown measures and regulations.
  • All company personnel temperature can be screened now – not only on-site but, as well, team members working off-site body temperature can be checked remotely, timely and effortlessly without any workflow disruption.
  • Suitable for all sorts of logistic businesses – it can be used by freight forwarders, carriers, international and domestic couriers, 3rd party logistic service providers, livestock transportation, etc.
  • May save the company time and budget – already installed vehicle GPS trackers with Bluetooth® connectivity can be utilised for this use case.
  • Wide variety to choose from – choose the most suitable option for your business and fleet from Teltonika GPS tracker catalogue and a wide range of smartwatch manufacturers, pricing and delivery terms.
  • Keeping your business intact – it will minimize a penalty risk, and very likely improve a fleet operational cost, personnel discipline, business procedure compliance, company cash flow and ROI.


Having over 10 million devices successfully deployed, the undeniable benefits and reliability of Teltonika GPS trackers are appreciated by thousands of drivers and business owners every single day in over 160 countries around the world.

When it comes to monitoring company fleet drivers’ temperature remotely by applying BLE feature, Teltonika can offer a variety of made in EU easy-to-install and maintain GPS devices such as FMB, FMU, FMM, FM3 series including the brand new ultra-small models FMB002/020/003.

These GPS trackers are perfectly suitable for businesses, state companies and organisations in the vast majority of the industries using passenger cars, SUVs, business class and luxury cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses, utility, mining and construction transport, taxis and cabs, motorbikes, motorcycles and more.

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