Delivery is a business where efficiency is everything. Customers expect their goods to be delivered on time, and meeting these expectations is a must if the company is to make a solid profit. Anything that causes delays should be minimised or eliminated. Facilitated by GPS devices, timely vehicle maintenance can significantly reduce the number of irregularities and help the business grow.


Keeping the company's fleet in good condition is vital. Losing several vehicles, or even just one, due to unexpected breakdowns can result in considerable losses and complications in scheduled operations. In addition, using paper to keep track of the fleet's scheduled maintenance is cumbersome and time-consuming. There is also the possibility of making mistakes, which can lead to overdue maintenance, business disruption and unforeseen costs. In the worst-case scenario, driver safety can also be put at risk.



To avoid maintenance-related headaches and make life easier for customers, integrators offer a solution to the above problems. The process of fleet maintenance can be automated using Teltonika GPS tracking devices. The larger the fleet, the more attractive this solution is to the owner.

How it works - tracking maintenance schedules becomes easy by setting reminders when vehicles need service based on mileage or other parameters. Information about unexpected faults and problems is also sent to the owner so that they can be resolved quickly. The best choice for implementing this solution is an easy-to-install Teltonika OBD tracker. Data needed for implementation include:

  • Odometer/driven distance. Based on the device you select, the data of driven distance will be calculated either using a virtual odometer solution or getting actual odometer data from the onboard computer.
  • DTC (diagnostic trouble codes). You will receive information about faults or actual fault codes depending on the possibilities of the onboard computer.

In addition to data used for monitoring fleet management schedules, OBD trackers can provide other useful information, such as fuel level, RPM, throttle position, coolant temperature, engine load, etc. The functionalities of Bluetooth® beacons and sensors are also very relevant in delivery service. Beacons help to ensure the safety of the shipped goods, while sensors measure temperature and humidity making sure the goods are delivered in proper condition. Read more about the use case technicalities here.




  • Optimised operational efficiency - automated fleet maintenance schedules to maximise vehicle uptime and consistently meet customer expectations.
  • Cost-effective management - eliminate unexpected repair costs and administrative overheads by moving from paper-based tracking to a digital solution.
  • Improved driver safety - real-time vehicle health alerts ensure that drivers are not exposed to risks from overdue maintenance or mechanical failures.
  • Data-driven decision-making - use comprehensive reporting and analysis to make informed decisions that contribute to long-term business growth.
  • Streamlined compliance - easily comply with industry regulations and standards by maintaining a digital record of all maintenance activities and vehicle diagnostics.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention - achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries through well-maintained vehicles, thereby increasing customer loyalty.


When it comes to fleet management solutions, Teltonika Telematics stands head and shoulders above the competition. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology isn't just about dots on a map; it's about providing actionable insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions. We understand that in the transport and delivery industry, every minute and every mile counts. That's why our solutions are designed to maximise efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve your bottom line.

Our commitment to innovation is unrivalled. We are continually investing in R&D to ensure we offer the most advanced and reliable solutions on the market. With Teltonika Telematics, you don't just get a service provider, you get a strategic business partner committed to helping you achieve operational excellence. Trust us to keep your fleet running smoothly so you can focus on what you do best - delivering value to your customers.

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