The rapid growth of logistics, e-commerce, and retail sectors increase the demand for trailer rental and leasing. According to the ReportLinker report, trailer rental and leasing become more attractive ways of cargo transportation and are expected to exceed USD 85 billion in 2027. The growing demand for trailer tracking and leasing requires higher transparency and more accurate monitoring and Teltonika Telematics can help with that.


The demand for trailer rentals and leasing was affected by local and national regulations regarding emission control, changes in vehicle safety regulations, and automotive industry disruptions. Many businesses prefer long-term leasing and rent rather than owning their own fleet. It gives more flexibility in vehicle maintenance and ensures that the transport items in use will meet all requirements provided by the government and other institutions.

However, while transport companies are successfully using trailer rental and leasing services, such providers are struggling with the issue of asset safety and accountability. Vehicle users are less likely to ensure the protection of the rented car or trailer, which increases the potential loss caused by thefts, breakdowns or misuse of the equipment.

According to the 2021 Cargo Theft Report, there is a tendency to leave a trailer in the unsecured parking lot if the trailer is not owned by a driver, which makes vehicles much easier to steal. The Northbridge Insurance states that in most cases, not only the cargo but the trailer is also being stolen, which doubles the loss, including cargo and equipment. The risk is getting even higher when trailers are not in use and are left in the parking lots for a long time.



An ordinary wired vehicle GPS tracker must be connected to an external power source to operate at full capacity and to ensure continuous data transmission to a server via the internet. Meanwhile, Teltonika Telematics has developed a solution whereby the location of the vehicle can be monitored even if the power supply is disconnected.

The FMB965 solution combines multiple features to meet the challenge most effectively. While trailers regularly are left parked for a few days or weeks, the FMB965 vehicle GPS tracker is capable to work for up to 30 days without an external power supply and send the exact location of the parked trailer, when the tracker is in sleep mode.

Firstly, the FMB965 model has a 1,200 mAh internal battery, allowing the tracker to operate for long periods autonomously. Secondly, the unique ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’ helps to last the battery even longer, because it minimises the power consumption to less than 1 mA. These two features work together to bring significant benefits to businesses by reducing potential financial losses.

How it works – to track a trailer, it must be fitted with an FMB965 tracking device. Trailers are usually left outdoors, so water can affect not only the trailer but also the tracker. The robust and water-resistant IP67-rated casing ensures that harsh conditions, such as moisture, corrosion or dust, will not interfere.

Vehicle tracking usually requires an external power supply. This way, the GPS tracker is powered and works as configured and intended. When the truck or lorry leaves the trailer in the parking space, the external power supply is disconnected and the FMB965 model enters ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’, which minimises power consumption.

Depending on the configuration settings, the Teltonika tracker wakes up every 4 hours and sends periodic data recordings with the trailer location. During this time, the trailer owner will know exactly where it is. If movement, ignition and/or external power is detected, the tracker will ‘wake up’ and notify the person in charge of a potential threat.

Yet more, when the device wakes up, all relevant usage scenarios will be active. For instance, to secure the vehicle, the device can be configured to detect GSM signal jamming. If it happens, the vehicle or fleet owner will immediately receive a notification about the event. Furthermore, the digital output interface can be used to distract thieves with a buzzer helping to prevent the theft of a trailer.

Going further, the Auto Geofence scenario also helps to protect the trailer from possible loss. It identifies the last known location coordinates after its movement has been stopped. This means that when the trailer is parked and remains stationary in the car parking lot, the FMB965 tracker will identify that defined zone and no changes will be detected. If the trailer is moved out of the Geofence zone by someone, the owner of the trailer will instantly receive a notification of the location change. As mentioned above, this special scenario can operate even vehicle GPS tracker is in sleep mode, while the ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’’ is enabled.

Also, the Teltonika device can be used for driver behaviour monitoring including routes, parking lots and use of equipment. In case a driver leaves a trailer on a roadside or free unguarded parking lot, the rental fee can be recalculated, because of a higher risk of theft and financial loss.

Finally, to prevent cargo thefts, vehicle door status can be monitored with Teltonika EYE Sensors. As a result, fleet operators, managers, and drivers will be informed immediately when the doors are opened, which helps monitor the transit process and spot suspicious activity if cargo is not being unloaded or loaded where it should be. Please note that when the FMB965 tracker is in ‘Ultra Deep Sleep Mode’, or ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’, the Bluetooth® LE connection is not available.




  • Reliable tracking in harsh conditions – the new IP67-rated casing protects the vehicle GPS tracker FMB965 from harmful weather conditions when a trailer is not in use and is parked outdoors.
  • Improved trailer security – the combination of a high-capacity internal battery and a unique ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’ provides reliable monitoring and protection when the trailer is parked and the external power supply is disconnected.
  • Additional protection with Auto Geofence scenario – vehicle GPS tracker detects when the trailer leaves the set zone and notifies the driver about the movement.
  • Usage-based rental conditions to help monitor driver behaviour and protect equipment to ensure discipline and save company resources.


Teltonika Telematics developed a distinctive solution that brings benefits to fleet owners, managers, and drivers even if a trailer is not in use. The unique ‘Power Off Sleep Mode’ and high-capacity battery work together to ensure the safety of the vehicle and trailer by informing people in charge about changes in location and potential threats.

The company works as a cohesive community where everyone is focused on the same goal. The approach to the customer here is based on long-term experience and innovations, which are essential for business development. The company’s growth is based on customer satisfaction and trust, which brings mutual success.

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