Vehicle theft is one of the world’s fastest-growing crimes as thieves turn to using advanced equipment. By jamming GSM or GNSS signals, or disconnecting GPS trackers from vehicles, criminals aim to disrupt and inhibit the performance of a tracking device – its ability to monitor and gather important information. Luckily, Teltonika trackers have a functionality that can detect jamming and help prevent theft or recover a stolen vehicle.


Experienced thieves can be highly organised and steal a vehicle in seconds. Meanwhile, police fail to recover more than half of stolen vehicles. For criminals, it is a low-risk way to make a fortune. For example, the Driving Instructors Association reports that an average of 159 vehicles are stolen every day in the UK.   

First and foremost, thieves will target vehicles that are easy to steal, i.e. that can be stolen quickly and without attracting attention. Speed is of the utmost importance to thieves as they risk being caught and try to get away as quickly as possible. So, if you want to make your vehicle or fleet less attractive to thieves, think about how you can slow them down in the process of stealing - even a few seconds can make a difference.



Anything that forces thieves and joyriders to spend more time on a vehicle makes it a much less attractive target. It is the most effective way to prevent car theft and make criminals look for something else to steal.

How it works - Teltonika telematics business unit offers a range of GPS trackers with a rich set of features to ensure protection against theft or to help find stolen vehicles, such as FMx920 series devices. They are perfect for people who want a simple solution. They are compact and easy to hide in a vehicle, making it easy to track and recover your car if it's stolen.

Thieves often choose to disable the communication signal between the tracker and the server to inhibit the performance of the device. Most of the time jamming is usually used to block the GSM or GNSS signal of the tracker. But with Teltonika FMx920 series, such an event can be detected and one of the jamming features can be activated:

  • Activate alarm system - even though vehicles have different alarm systems, professional thieves know how to disable them and remain silent throughout the theft process. Teltonika tracker with Jamming detection can help prevent theft by distracting criminals with an additional alarm connected to a tracker.
  • Vehicle engine starter - blocks the ability to start the engine. If jamming is detected, a tracker can block the vehicle's engine starter, eliminating the possibility of starting the engine at all. This is likely to give thieves extra time to steal a vehicle or even abandon the theft.
  • Central lock system - locks all car doors. If all vehicle doors are locked, thieves will have to work harder to get into a vehicle, or will not be able to break in at all.

In addition, the FMx920 trackers come with a range of features designed to make vehicles safer and keep drivers informed of any suspicious activity.

One such feature is Towing detection, which alerts the driver to the unexpected movement of the parked vehicle. FMx920 generates an event if the car is being towed or lifted, for example in the event of an evacuation.

There is no need to worry about thieves finding the GPS tracker and unplugging it, the implemented Unplug detection feature ensures drivers know when the GPS connection is lost, generating an event when the tracker is unplugged or reconnected.

Even more, the Auto geofence feature allows you to define specific zones and receive notifications if your vehicle moves outside of these designated areas based on the last known position after the movement has stopped and the ignition is off. Drivers can specify whether entering or leaving the geofence zone should trigger an event and alert the driver. This feature provides added control and awareness, allowing drivers to monitor their vehicle's movements.

Finally, for added protection, two GPS tracking devices can be used in the same car with a backup tracker functionality. Taking advantage of FMx920 compact size, it can be used as a second hidden tracker; if one is disconnected, the other will continue to transmit its location data, providing data for the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Furthermore, for people who not only want to be alerted to potential theft attempts on their vehicles but also require a tracker capable of providing continuous location updates without an external power source, the Teltonika FMC234 model offers an excellent solution. Its high-capacity 1,000 mAh battery provides up to 8 days of continuous operation on a single charge, meeting the stringent certification standards of Pulse, Thatcham and Supply Chain Management in Northern Europe.

These certificates require certain specifications for a device to meet: high-capacity battery guaranteeing device operating time of 6 hours while transmitting data every 1 minute, IP67-rated casing and stolen vehicle recovery feature is also a requirement, ensuring a possibility to recover data and to determine the location of the vehicle. ​By meeting the requirements for these certificates, FMC234 tracker ensures its suitability as a stolen vehicle recovery solution.

In summary, Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers provide a diverse solution to minimise the chances of your vehicle being stolen. By slowing down thieves and alerting owners to unauthorised movements, these trackers enhance security and increase the chances of recovery in the event of theft. With vehicle theft a growing concern worldwide, the importance of effective tracking solutions cannot be overstated.




  • Keep your vehicle safe - prevent loss by detecting suspicious behaviour, enabling or disabling some vehicle systems and effectively slowing down car thieves.
  • Ensure stolen vehicle recovery - up to 8 days of autonomous tracking with a high-capacity internal battery.
  • Double vehicle security - using a dual GPS tracker system provides double protection for your vehicles.
  • Tamper alerts - receive alerts when the tracker is unplugged, ensuring you are always aware of potential tampering.
  • Advanced jamming detection - detect attempts to jam GNSS or GSM radio signals.
  • Real-time monitoring - Instant notifications in real-time ensure protection against crime.


We are at the forefront of vehicle security, providing smart anti-theft solutions that utilise advanced GPS and telematics technology. Teltonika tracking devices, such as the FMx920 series, are equipped with practical features including jamming detection, engine starter blocking and geofencing, making them highly effective in preventing vehicle theft and facilitating rapid recovery.

By choosing Teltonika, you are investing in peace of mind. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing reliable and efficient vehicle protection solutions. With a focus on straightforward installation and comprehensive customer support, Teltonika telematics business unit makes securing your vehicles easier.

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