Car Sharing Solution

Car Sharing Solution


Recently, we have seen the development of car-sharing services used by private individuals, companies and public institutions alike. These client groups, even though different, all seek comfortable and efficient use of vehicles. Reasons to use such services include fleet optimization, convenience, a sudden need for vehicles, business trips, trips abroad, etc. Also, such matters as car insurance, tire change, maintenance, or car wash are taken care of for the client.


In order to provide car-sharing services, it is necessary to be able to control locking and unlocking of a car remotely. There is a need for solution that includes hardware, firmware and software compatibility. It has to operate flawlessly as safety of the car and client’s comfort depend on it. Besides, the management of each car requires a different code, so the database must be large and constantly updated to include new popular car models.


Teltonika has a solution – tracker FMB130 and CAN-CONTROL adapter. The adapter allows you to control car doors and works with the many of our products, the list of which you will find at the end of this text.

When the adapter is connected to the CAN BUS, it allows scanning of over 300 parameters and controlling car’s central lock, windows closure, switching on/off turn lights, and trunk release. Also, you will be able to check door, parking brake and light status. Data that can be received in real time include engine RPM, vehicle speed, information about the current fuel level status from dashboard, helping you to figure out the range that the car can still cover, and other important parameters.

Electric cars are supported as well with some additional parameters to monitor like battery level, charging status, charging cable status, and how much the car can travel with the current battery charge level. You can learn more about the technical aspects of this use case here.

Teltonika currently supports over 1,300 cars, and the list is constantly updated to match new models of the most popular cars. In car-sharing services, the vast majority of the fleet consists of new cars not older than 3 years, which means that their engines support new technologies and produce less emissions to the atmosphere, thus, offering an eco-friendly solution.


Car Sharing Solution



The solution for car-sharing services has been implemented by Teltonika partners in a number of projects. What is more, by relying on their feedback, we continue to improve our devices further. Based on our motto ‘Easy key to IoT’, we offer intuitive tools for an easy configuration of the needed functionality and FOTA WEB solution for updating the equipment firmware remotely.

Featured product FMB130

GPRS/GNSS tracker with flexible inputs configuration Learn more on wiki page


Configurable DIN/AIN for flexible remote monitoring and control


1-Wire® interface to monitor temperature data and RFID/iButton tags


Negative input will allow easier installation of accessories


Allows device to work without external power source


Impulse inputs for fuel flow meters data reading


Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors