The popularity of car-sharing services has grown significantly to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and public institutions. The car-sharing market is expected to reach 63.15 million users by 2027. However, with the convenience comes critical considerations, such as fleet maintenance, insurance and the need for a robust system to deal with unpredictable incidents on the road.


In the car-sharing business, the safety of drivers and passengers is of paramount importance. According to Forbes, car sharing might be linked to increased traffic fatalities. The study found that fatal car accidents increased by 2-4% each year after the introduction of car sharing. No driver is immune to road accidents, making traffic issues particularly relevant to the car-sharing industry. Some incidents are even deliberate, designed to look like the other party's fault.

Determining the true cause of road accidents can be a daunting task, especially when the parties involved tell conflicting stories driven by personal interests. The key question is: How do you establish the truth in such situations? Without concrete evidence, such as video footage, proving innocence becomes extremely difficult.

This challenge becomes even more critical when viewed in the context of managing a car-sharing fleet. Incidents involving vehicles are inevitable in this area, with car accidents being among the most common. Vehicle damage is also a concern for renters, according to the survey. In the last five years, one in eight (or 12%) renters reported that their rental car was damaged before they drove it away.

Real-time insights (including video), safety features, robust control over the remote locking and unlocking of vehicles and operational optimisations are essential to ensure smooth operations. In short, there is a need for a comprehensive and intelligent solution, and Teltonika Telematics is ready to be of service.



We respond to the challenges above with an innovative and all-inclusive solution that combines the PROFESSIONAL category FMx125 series vehicle GPS trackers, the CAN-CONTROL adapter, and Teltonika DashCam to ensure unparalleled efficiency in car sharing management. As an example, we have chosen the FMC125 model to illustrate this.

How it works - the FMC125 tracking device provides accurate real-time location of any vehicle, while the CAN-CONTROL adapter, which connects seamlessly to the CAN bus, streamlines operations by reading over 100 critical parameters in more than 2,100 different vehicle models. This extends control of features, such as central locking, window control, indicators, and boot status. This way, fleet managers gain real-time insight into critical aspects - engine RPM, vehicle speed, fuel level, key dashboard indicators, etc.

This extensive data allows managers in charge to easily evaluate vehicle range, monitor door status, parking brake engagement, and light status. In addition, integrating an FMC125 and CAN-CONTROL with access to CAN bus data into a fleet management system can significantly improve operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall fleet performance. You can find more information here.

Going further, the DashCam accessory is strategically mounted on the windscreen, capturing crucial video footage of the frontal view. This perspective is invaluable for a full understanding of incidents, and the camera acts as a powerful preventative measure against unwanted driver and passenger behaviour.

The smart DashCam automatically triggers video recording in the event of an accident or when the panic button is pressed. Recordings from the front camera, covering 5 seconds before and after the event, are sent to the server, providing 10 seconds of video for incident analysis. Manual requests for video recordings, triggered by events such as speeding or harsh braking, can be sent via SMS/GPRS commands, providing up to 30 seconds of timestamped recordings.

In continuous recording mode, the DashCam stores up to 72 hours of video on a 64GB MicroSD card (or 128GB with upgrade). This integrated system provides precise location tracking, remote control functionality and captures vital video evidence, making it an indispensable asset for improving the safety and efficiency of car-sharing fleets. You can find more information here.

A study of more than 10,000 bus and heavy truck crashes estimated that fleet video telematics reduced them by 35% and 20% respectively. This reduction is significant because it can save lives and reduce the costs associated with accidents. In summary, all of these Teltonika devices and the solution itself contribute to a safer, more efficient and cost-effective car-sharing experience, directly addressing concerns and improving overall customer satisfaction and business competitiveness.




  • Advanced fleet monitoring - the FMx125 series GPS devices provide accurate, real-time tracking, ensuring fleet managers always know the location and status of their vehicles, which is critical for making quick decisions and improving customer service.
  • Comprehensive vehicle control - the CAN-CONTROL adapter provides unparalleled control over features, such as central locking, window control and more, enhancing the user experience and vehicle safety.
  • Data-driven approach – with an additional adapter, it is possible to read over 100 critical CAN bus data parameters in more than 2,100 vehicle models. This approach optimises the performance, reliability, and efficiency of a fleet of vehicles.
  • Enhanced incident analysis - Teltonika DashCam captures critical video footage that is invaluable in understanding and resolving traffic incidents, and serves as a powerful deterrent to undesirable driver and passenger behaviour.
  • Robust safety features - automatic video recording in the event of an accident, plus continuous recording mode, provide essential evidence for incident analysis and insurance claims.
  • Operational efficiency - integrating these GPS devices into a fleet management system significantly improves operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, resulting in better fleet performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Regulatory compliance - the solution is designed to comply with GDPR and similar data protection laws, ensuring privacy and legality in data handling, an essential factor in today's regulated environment.
  • Fraud protection - the accurate data and video evidence provide a robust defence against fraudulent claims, protecting the business from unwarranted liability and potentially saving significant costs.


This Teltonika Telematics car-sharing solution, successfully implemented in various projects by our business partners, is constantly evolving through continuous feedback. We are committed to delivering excellence in fleet management through inventive technology. Teltonika Telematics provides car-sharing companies with products and tools that offer more than just data - they offer a strategic advantage in a competitive market.

Demonstrating our dedication to innovation and market demand, we have also integrated sophisticated video solutions. This important addition provides fleet owners and managers with real-time video capabilities for rapid incident analysis, improving overall safety and operational efficiency. Rest assured, Teltonika Telematics remains focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the dynamics of car sharing.

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