Luxury car rental was gaining momentum in recent years. It is expected that the global luxury market size can reach around USD 84.3 billion, from which the majority will be taken by short-term rentals. The Custom Market Insights report indicates that the growth is based on technological advancements, which provided better opportunities for businesses to expand and offer their clients faster and easier luxury car rental services.


The digitalisation of rental services has also affected the luxury car segment. It plays an important role in the growth of this market and businesses must optimise their fleet and make luxury car rental easier and more user-friendly for a customer. Luckily, Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers can be successfully used for this purpose.

According to the Business Market Insights report, the key market players are optimising their fleets by integrating software applications for the post-accident process, providing a solution for payment flexibility, introducing attractive schemes with reasonable prices and the most popular routes and increasing their customer base. Thus, the challenge appears for some luxury car service providers. The majority of them are leased, which means that no modifications are allowed, otherwise, the maker’s warranty will be lost. It includes cutting the vehicle wires, which is a regular practice for installing the most GPS tracking device.

Obviously, luxury cars are more expensive and require high maintenance costs, which is why car warranties are very important. According to the Auto Detailing Services provider, it is calculated that the average ten-year maintenance expenses for luxury cars are twice higher than standard ones. An example could be the oil change: an owner of the Audi might pay around USD 150 for such a service, while the cost for the Bugatti can reach up to USD 25,000.



To meet this challenge, Teltonika Telematics offers a solution that is easy to use and fast to install. The FMC800 and FMM800 are two brand-new vehicle GPS trackers that can be installed in minutes without cutting wires to maintain the car manufacturer’s warranty. These models are OBD-II Plug & Play vehicle trackers that can be connected directly to a vehicle and do not require any tools, skilled engineers, or special knowledge to get started. Let’s take the FMC800 device as an example.

Thanks to its compact size, this kind of tracker perfectly fits the OBD port anywhere. In addition, it can be used together with the OBD-II connection extension cable. No matter where exactly the OBD-II port is in a car, the extension cable is long enough to install the tracking device within a 50 cm distance of the port. This is helpful when the OBD-II socket is in a hard-to-reach spot or when it is important to hide the tracker.

How it works – the Crash detection scenario of the tracker monitors acceleration in each vehicle axis, i. e. X, Y, and Z. If the crash detection feature is enabled, it monitors the acceleration in each axis, which helps to detect such events. When a crash is detected, the FMC800 tracker immediately saves crash trace data according to configured trace ODR, accel duration and GNSS duration parameters and sends it to the server for further analysis. As a result, the real culprit can be quickly identified at a glance in the relevant report.

Both models - the FMC800 with LTE Cat 1 connectivity and the FMM800 with LTE Cat M1 - can be successfully adapted to virtually any region. Asia Pacific market is predicted to become the main one for luxury car rental, which makes FMC800 a perfect solution for businesses on this continent not only because of the network connectivity but local certification too. Besides certifications such as CE/RED, E-Mark, REACH, and RoHS, the model has RCM certification required for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Further, fast installation and ease of use are not the only things that the FMx800 series can bring to a business. Using the ‘Trip Detection’ and ‘Driver Behaviour Tracking’ features, the car rental fee can be calculated based on speed, mileage, driving area, and duration. If any of these exceed a predefined parameter, additional charges may be calculated and applied.

It is also more likely that a driver may speed while driving a luxury car, such as a Porsche, rather than a Volkswagen, for a more enjoyable driving experience, which could lead to unforeseen circumstances that could cause damage to the car. The FMx800 series is equipped with a built-in accelerometer that provides accurate crash trace data to help recreate the accident scene.

In summary, as with any other Teltonika Telematics device, the new models can bring even more value to your business. They also feature Bluetooth® connectivity that allows the trackers to communicate with external devices, BLE beacons and sensors to help identify the driver and monitor the status of luxury car doors or provide an extra layer of security with two easy-to-combine GPS devices.




  • Fleet tracking worldwide - 4G LTE Cat 1 and Cat M1 connectivity allows managers in charge to track vehicles in virtually any country, with faster data download speed. A wide range of various projects and businesses can be covered using the same FMx800 series of devices.
  • Hassle-free device installation - the OBD-II port connector not only saves company resources but also preserves a car manufacturer’s warranty. Fleet monitoring and tracking can be optimised, even if the vehicles are leased or rented.
  • Improves safety and resource management - a built-in accelerometer provides detailed accident trace data for timely and accurate evaluation and also helps with fleet fuel efficiency, driver behaviour monitoring, maintenance management, etc.
  • Expands usage scenarios and a range of projects - Bluetooth® LE connectivity allows wireless ID beacons and sensors to be used to gain a competitive advantage, which could contribute to a higher competitiveness and position in the luxury car rental market.


Teltonika is a leading provider of IoT solutions, with a strong focus on the development of connected devices and telematics products. We offer different types of telematics solutions to meet all market needs. Basic fleet monitoring requirements can be met by a simple GPS tracking device, such as FMC800, that is easy to use and quick to install. Even more, there is no specific knowledge is required in this case, so businesses can expand their boundaries either in B2B or B2C market segments.

Teltonika Telematics has a global presence, with a network of business partners and customers in more than 160 countries around the world. This enables the company to provide local support and expertise most efficiently. We have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, which can be an important factor for companies looking for responsible and trustworthy partners.

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