The safety of society depends to a large extent on the effectiveness of police work. Speed, coordination of action and reliability of information are now the key factors in ensuring that police officers carry out their duties properly. In most cases, time is of the essence and the police need to get to the scene as quickly as possible to prevent theft or other crimes that can have even more tragic consequences.


For police operations to be efficient, operators need to know the exact location of vehicles and which ones are ready to respond to incidents. Getting instant and accurate information on the location and operational (duty) status of police vehicles is therefore vital. When an incident occurs, operators need to identify which police vehicles are in the closest locations and which can be dispatched.

The police mustn't waste time communicating while a crime is being committed. Because police vehicles are in constant use, they must be serviced promptly to get timely maintenance and avoid the possibility of breaking down in the middle of an operation. Overdue maintenance can disrupt police services and result in unexpected costs. Integrating smart solutions into police fleets isn't just about technology; it's about equipping law enforcement with tools that improve public safety and operational efficiency.



To address the above challenges, Teltonika Telematics offers a solution with the PROFESSIONAL category series. As an example, we choose the FMC650 vehicle GPS tracker with 4G LTE Cat 1 network coverage (including fallback to 2G). The model can be set to automatically determine the location, which will help to coordinate fleets more effectively. All collected data will be transferred via VPN to the dedicated server and police database.

How it works - by receiving information on the current police deployment status, an operator can communicate with the available police officers in a matter of seconds and inform them of the reported incident. In this way, vehicle GPS trackers can significantly save time in assigning incidents. The ability to set maintenance reminders based on vehicle mileage also helps to prevent accidents on the road.

Teltonika tracker can be used with a third-party device that simulates different values. Connected via an analogue input, the tracker can detect duty status ('Ready', 'Busy', 'Lunch' or 'Going To Incident') by differentiating voltage, e.g. 5 volts can be set for duty status 'Ready'. This allows the operator to monitor the status online. Police sirens can also be monitored with a PROFESSIONAL series GPS tracker.

In addition, the police need to know the status of the vehicle doors, especially if the detainees are sitting in the back. By connecting the LV-CAN200 adapter to Teltonika FMC650 model, police can determine door status and much more - such as mileage, fuel consumption, fuel level, engine speed (RPM), engine temperature and accelerator pedal position. These features of the GPS tracker will maximise fleet efficiency.

For security purposes, driver identification can be activated so that only the authorised person can drive a vehicle. There are several ways to identify drivers - by RFID card or iButton. Our intelligent solution is designed to give law enforcement agencies complete visibility and control over their fleet operations. This includes detailed tracking of vehicle movements, efficient routing and rapid deployment capabilities, all of which are essential for maintaining public safety and responding quickly to emergencies.




  • Improved response times - real-time tracking enables dispatchers to identify and deploy the closest units to incidents, significantly improving response times and public safety outcomes.
  • Optimised route planning - these Teltonika trackers facilitate efficient route planning, ensuring that police vehicles avoid traffic congestion and reach their destinations via the most direct routes.
  • Increased fleet security - with 24/7 vehicle monitoring, the system helps prevent unauthorised use of police vehicles and improves overall fleet security.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring - Teltonika GPS trackers monitor driving behaviour, ensuring that officers adhere to safe driving practices, reducing the risk of accidents and liability.
  • Improved resource allocation - by providing data on vehicle usage, trackers support strategic fleet deployment, ensuring that resources are used where they are most needed.
  • Maintenance alerts - proactive maintenance alerts help keep the fleet in optimum condition, reducing downtime and extending vehicle life.
  • Transparent operations - with detailed reports and logs, the trackers promote accountability and transparency in police operations, fostering public trust.


Teltonika Telematics commitment to innovation extends to every aspect of police fleet management. In addition to providing location data, the PROFESSIONAL category GPS trackers and accessories offer insight into vehicle health and maintenance needs, ensuring that police vehicles are always in top condition and ready for use.

This proactive approach to fleet management reduces downtime and maintenance costs while improving the safety of both officers and the community. By choosing our products, police departments are equipped with tools that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern law enforcement. With such Teltonika Telematics solutions, police departments worldwide can achieve superior fleet management and promote a safer and more secure community.

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