Today, demand for GPS trackers continues to grow as companies recognise their potential to save money and increase efficiency. According to the report, fleet management systems are estimated to generate monthly savings of more than $6,000 for a medium-sized fleet of 20 vehicles. However, installing vehicle trackers for seasonal businesses with small fleets can be a significant investment, but there is a way to get around this.


Installing GPS trackers in seasonal businesses that operate during certain seasons or times of the year can be a challenging investment for companies. For example, equipping a fleet of 10 vehicles in the US can cost an average of $2,000 to $4,500 per year, while the installation for each vehicle can range from $50 to $125.

Although tracking devices could offer a valuable advantage to various seasonal businesses across different sectors. One of the industries that faces the challenge of a temporary tracking solution is agriculture, because a GPS tracker only needs to be installed for two-three months during specific seasons like planting and harvesting and companies do not choose to implement it.

However, it could help with efficient resource allocation, precision farming, equipment monitoring and crop management. In fact, according to a study conducted by Motorola, GPS-enabled fleet management results in a time savings of approximately 54 minutes per day for transport operations. This translates into a cost saving of $5,484 per employee.

This challenge is also faced during the winter/snow races. For the only seasonal event, the possibility of using GPS is not being considered. However, it could be useful to enhance the safety of participants, provide valuable performance data or assist with course monitoring and marking. The same applies to the fleet management of vehicles used for snow removal services - cleaning, salting, or snow clearing from city streets.

Such seasonal services could use Teltonika trackers and IoT technology assistance to optimise routes and manage incidents in the event of equipment failure or breakdown. And when the season is over, these GPS trackers could easily be installed in another fleet, especially if the vehicles are used for different functions or events.



Nowadays, the demand for GPS tracker rental is growing, making it a viable option for both the B2C market and for telematics service providers looking to expand their businesses. With the current expansion of GPS rental solutions, this is an excellent opportunity for companies to add to their range of services.

To meet this challenge, Teltonika Telematics offers a range of products in the FAST & EASY category. Here, we choose FMP100 model - the unique Plug & Play GPS tracker with a built-in configurable button, RGB LED, and buzzer. Handily, it is designed to connect via the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

How it works – one of the easiest devices to install and costing virtually no money to do so, Teltonika FMP100 tracker comes with a real-time tracking solution that allows seasonal businesses to monitor the location of vehicles, while the Geofence scenarios allow businesses to define virtual boundaries or specific areas. This feature can be very useful in agriculture or seasonal racing by sending alerts or notifications when vehicles enter or leave defined zones.

This allows better resource allocation and coordination, ensuring areas are covered efficiently and promptly. In addition, FMP100 model has a unique and handy feature: a built-in buzzer to alert the driver to status changes.

Another distinctive feature of the GPS tracker is the integrated button function. This button can be used as a panic button and when activated, the device can send an emergency signal with the exact location information. This is perfect for a racer in the event of an accident or emergency. It can also be used for personal and business monitoring. As a driver, you can press a button to change the tracking status. In this way, the management of the business and private driving journeys.

Teltonika FMP100 tracking device makes it easy to improve competitor performance by providing detailed data, such as location coordinates, speed, distance covered, and elevation changes. This information can be valuable in making decisions for future races and routes.

Even more, the vehicle GPS tracker has even more what can be used, for example, excessive Idling detection scenario. With this feature, it can contribute to a greener environment and more efficient use of resources during seasonal activities. There is also Crash detection available, which can quickly detect sudden impacts or significant changes in vehicle dynamics, enabling immediate response and assistance in the event of a crash, potentially saving lives.




  • Efficient resource management - Teltonika FAST & EASY trackers allow seasonal businesses to monitor their vehicles in real-time, ensuring optimum use of resources. This is particularly beneficial for seasonal operations where resources need to be managed effectively to cope with peak periods.
  • Improved driver safety - FMP100 has a dedicated button that can be configured to generate an alarm event for assistance in an emergency. Easy to install, this tracker is ideal for temporary solutions. This device will always be close to the driver in any event or situation that may affect the driver's safety.
  • Significant cost savings - by providing data on vehicle usage, routes and idle time, vehicle GPS trackers can help companies identify areas where they can reduce costs. This is vital for seasonal businesses that need to manage their budgets carefully due to fluctuating income.
  • Simple to apply to a variety of vehicles – the FAST & EASY category trackers are easy to install without wires or special knowledge. FMP100 plugs into the vehicle cigarette lighter and can be mounted by anyone.
  • Improved customer service - real-time tracking enables businesses to provide accurate delivery times to their customers, improving overall customer service. This can give seasonal businesses a competitive edge.
  • Asset accountability and protection – Teltonika GPS trackers and accessories can help protect valuable assets by providing real-time location data and, in some cases, even alerting the company if a vehicle leaves a designated area.
  • Data-driven decisions - the data collected by GPS trackers can provide valuable insights into business operations, helping companies to make informed decisions. For seasonal farms, this could mean identifying the most efficient routes for transporting produce.
  • Regulatory compliance - some countries and industries have regulations that require vehicles to be monitored. Using Teltonika devices can help companies comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines and penalties.


Teltonika FAST & EASY products portfolio offers a wide range of benefits to transport companies with seasonal operations, from improved safety measures to cost savings and improved customer service. By taking advantage of these benefits, these businesses can operate more efficiently, provide better service to their customers and ultimately improve their results.

Teltonika Telematics is recognised as a leading player in the IoT and connectivity solutions industry due to its technological expertise. Our company offers proven, easy-to-install tracking hardware, comprehensive technical support, training, and documentation to help customers and business partners get the most out of its products and solutions.

Teltonika is a trusted leader in the industry, having manufactured an impressive 27 million IoT devices to date. With our extensive range of accessories and certified GPS trackers, we offer solutions that meet specific industry requirements. Rest assured, you can trust us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in the rapidly evolving field of telematics.

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