Video telematics has become increasingly popular to monitor vehicles and drivers, improve fleet safety, and minimise costs. The challenge is that customers require video even when the vehicle is switched off, but most current solutions do not have this feature. Teltonika Telematics has addressed this issue by developing an innovative solution that uses dual recording cameras to provide continuous video monitoring.


Companies that operate vehicles for delivery, logistics or other purposes face several challenges that can significantly affect their ability to provide efficient services. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of on-demand data. If operators cannot access data when they need it, it can lead to delays in decision-making, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction. For example, if an operator needs to know what happened during harsh braking or idling, they may have to wait until the engine is turned on to access the necessary data.

Another challenge these companies face is the inability to turn on cameras and monitor situations at any time. This challenge is particularly problematic when it comes to detecting towing or other situations that require immediate action. Without on-demand monitoring capabilities, operators may not be able to respond to a situation promptly, which can impact customer satisfaction and cause delays in service delivery.

Finally, connecting video cameras directly to the vehicle battery can drain it overnight, preventing drivers from continuing their journey the next morning. This is particularly challenging on long-haul journeys where drivers may need to rest overnight with the engine switched off.

Overcoming these challenges is vital for companies operating vehicles to remain competitive and provide a quality service. The right solution can provide efficient ways to collect data on demand, monitor situations on demand, and connect cameras without draining the vehicle battery. In this way, companies could improve the efficiency of their operations, increase customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.



Teltonika solution offers a comprehensive solution for fleet owners who need to monitor their vehicles and driver behaviour. The solution combines the PROFESSIONAL category FMx125 series vehicle GPS trackers with the Teltonika DualCam camera, which captures video footage in both directions, allowing a complete view of what is happening inside and outside of the vehicle.

One of the most innovative features of the Teltonika DualCam is the ability to turn the camera on when the engine is off. This is made possible by a relay that controls the power supply to the camera, allowing additional data to be collected even when the ignition is off.

In the event of an accident, the Teltonika DualCam solution offers automatic transmission of video recordings from both the front and rear cameras. This allows fleet owners to assess the incident and take the necessary action. In addition, video and still images can be sent periodically or on demand via SMS/GPRS commands, providing a wealth of data for fleet management.

The solution also offers a range of technical features, including support for Bluetooth® LE technology, an RS485 interface for communication with external devices, and a 1-Wire bus for monitoring temperature data and RFID or iButton tags. Teltonika DualCam is connected via an RS232 interface, and videos are recorded in 720p resolution using High-Efficiency Video Coding H.265 for improved video quality and efficient file size.

Altogether, Teltonika DualCam solution provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for fleet owners to manage their vehicles and ensure the safety of their drivers. The ability to turn the camera on when the engine is off provides additional data, making the solution even more effective in managing fleet operations.




  • Improved safety – Teltonika DualCam provides comprehensive information, including video recordings and vehicle-related details. The camera can capture footage even when the engine is off, helping fleet owners to prevent incidents.
  • Better fleet management – the FMx125 series tracking devices and Bluetooth® technology allow fleet owners to monitor their vehicle parameters and optimise costs, resources, and maintenance.
  • Improved driver behaviour – wide-angle camera footage can prevent bad intentions from drivers and passengers.
  • Reduced roaming costs – the Dual-SIM feature in FMx125 devices significantly reduces roaming costs.
  • Enhanced video quality – High-Efficiently Video Coding H.265 ensures high video quality while keeping the file size small, ensuring higher data transfer speed.


Teltonika Telematics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware and cutting-edge solutions for the telematics industry. Our FMx125 series tracking devices, combined with the Teltonika DualCam, are designed to meet the needs of companies in various industries, especially delivery and passenger transport services, logistics, and insurance companies.

We offer a comprehensive solution for delivery services, including automated driver tracking, recording, monitoring and efficient fleet management for any size of business. With over 25 years of experience and an innovative approach, we offer an impressive range of certified GPS trackers, accessories, and solutions for every conceivable vehicle telematics application. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with automated robotic assembly lines and customer support will meet your expectations and make us the partner of choice for all your needs.

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