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December 14, 2023

We continue to offer to our business partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) an ever-expanding range of locally certified Teltonika Telematics tracking devices. The country’s Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), formerly known as CITC, has officially approved two more of our 4G LTE Cat 1 connectivity GPS trackers – FTC921 and FMC880.


CST certification ensures that our products meet the safety standards and compliance requirements set by the regulatory authorities in the KSA. FTC921 and FMC880 models now stand as even more valuable solutions, perfectly tailored to address the diverse needs of our clients in the country.

FTC921 is our next-generation vehicle GPS tracker, the first FT platform-based device to be certified in the KSA. With enhanced GNSS accuracy, it perfectly meets basic track and trace needs delivering high tracking quality even in narrow streets and dense urban areas with tall buildings. Besides, with a high-voltage 10-90 V battery, FTC921 is an excellent option for monitoring and tracking various electric vehicles, including e-motorcycles and e-mopeds.

Meanwhile, FMC880 is a battery-mounted GPS tracker that is easy to install, has an IP65-rated casing, and provides accurate tracking. It stands out as an ideal choice for industries such as insurance telematics, courier delivery services, and car rental & leasing.

This latest certification underlines our commitment to providing reliable and secure solutions to our business partners worldwide. For more information or orders, please contact your sales manager or Teltonika office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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