Semi-trailers are one of the most important means of transporting larger loads, hazardous materials, construction materials, heavy equipment and machinery, petrol, chemicals, and other items. Naturally, every smart business owner needs to make sure their assets are tracked, continuously monitored, well-maintained, and protected. Teltonika asset trackers open up new possibilities for successfully managing these types of fleets.


The semi-trailer logistics industry is a vital part of the trucking industry. For instance, according to statistics, it moves approximately 72.5% of America's freight by weight. There are an estimated 13 million trucks on the road in the US, of which 2.9 million are tractor-trailers. This industry employs 8.9 million people, including 3.5 million truck drivers, and generates an estimated $255.5 billion in revenue.

Regrettably, semi-trailer fleets around the world face several significant challenges, ranging from driver safety and productivity to fuel price volatility. In addition, the trucking industry faces more general issues, such as driver shortages, government regulations, and the emergence of new technologies.

According to the 2021 Cargo Theft Report produced by BSI, TT Club & TAPA EMEA, cargo theft has increased due to supply chain congestion and weaknesses in railway locations and trains. Whether in unsecured car parks or container yards near port facilities, delays have indirectly made cargo more vulnerable to tampering by thieves and smugglers.

To combat these challenges, company owners and fleet management must focus on investing in modern technology to remain competitive. Fortunately, such difficulties can be significantly reduced or avoided by utilising Teltonika Telematics tracking devices.



To meet these challenges and offer a solution, we chose the Teltonika TAT100 autonomous asset tracker with a few key features - IP68-rated robust casing, universal mounting, long-life replaceable internal battery, and high gain GNSS antenna. It has a lifespan of up to 1,000 records or 3 years if a record is sent once every 24 hours.

Thanks to a handy set of features, the model is a preferred choice for tracking all types of valuable fleet assets and goods (non-powered ones too), as well as a wide range of semi-trailers - flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, extendable flatbed trailers, stretch wingle-drop deck trailers, extendable double drop trailers, dry vans (aka enclosed trailers), tank trailers, lowboy trailers, etc.

How it works - the TAT100 tracking device must be installed and configured on each semi-trailer to be monitored. The tracker can detect the trailer's movement, and location and transmit this information to a central monitoring system, allowing fleet managers to monitor their trailers and cargo. Location data is gathered and stored in the cloud for easy access by authorised personnel such as dispatchers or maintenance personnel.

As there is a concern about theft from loaded trailers, Teltonika TAT100 is equipped with features designed to combat this. Firstly, the tracker helps to identify where your semi-trailer is through periodic or scheduled tracking. Secondly, the additional IoT sensors enable notification if there is an unauthorised attempt to open the trailer.

Even more, if customers require monitoring the temperature inside refrigerated trailers, the installation of an additional accessory – Teltonika EYE Sensor - to make sure fleet managers do not miss any deviations from the set temperature range and cargo is delivered in the proper condition.

As the asset GPS tracker can be configured to send notifications at specific times and to wake up if there is any unwanted activity related to the security of the assets, authoritative people don't have to worry about charging it all the time. All this is on a dedicated online platform where managers can easily monitor the situation and, if necessary, change tracking and/or notification parameters.




  • Keep assets fully operational and moving - a parked or constantly idle semi-trailer can cost business owners dearly. With the TAT100 tracker, fleet managers can track them to ensure they are being used efficiently, reducing costs.
  • Security and accountability - with location tracking, fleet owners can ensure that semi-trailers are secure and know exactly where they are parked, when they are loaded or unloaded, and how long they have been idle.
  • Increase revenue - fleet managers can use the GPS tracker to generate more revenue by billing based on time on site and identifying unused trailers. This helps them to better allocate their resources and maximise revenue potential.
  • Theft prevention – TAT100 model can help fleet managers respond quickly to theft by sending alerts when a trailer leaves its designated location. This can help prevent the loss of valuable assets and provide a higher level of security for the fleet.
  • Temperature monitoring in the cold chain market – combined with Bluetooth® LE sensors, the Teltonika asset tracker can also provide a temperature monitoring option. This can help fleet managers comply with regulations governing the transport of temperature-sensitive goods and provide important data for quality control and audit purposes.


To successfully address and solve the challenges of tracking and monitoring semi-trailer fleets, we offer a popular choice from Teltonika - the TAT100 autonomous asset tracker with robust and certified IP68-rated housing, multiple mounting options, and a replaceable high-capacity internal battery to help effectively manage assets in the logistics industry.

Teltonika Telematics is the leading provider of high-quality certified vehicle GPS trackers, asset trackers, accessories, and solutions for every conceivable application in the telematics industry. For over 25 years, our team has been helping customers and partners in over 160 countries around the world succeed. To date, we have produced over 27 million IoT devices and helped thousands of businesses and organisations achieve their goals. Our extensive experience and unparalleled expertise make us the perfect business partner for all your telematics needs.

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