Driver safety is a common topic today. It affects all industries, and each sector has to deal with it. The challenge is even bigger when we talk about vehicles and accidents on the roads. It includes vehicle crashing, harsh braking, attacks, hijacking and anything else that is related to the vehicle. Teltonika Telematics stays one step ahead and manufactures vehicle GPS trackers that can be used for safety too.


Compared to 2020, the global economic impact of violence increased by more than 10% in the last year. According to the Global Peace Index 2022 report, it was evaluated by $16.5 trillion, affecting not only individuals but also businesses. The profitability and productivity of every business are directly related to the economic stability of the country. The Global Peace Index correlates together with the GDP, showing that businesses in developed countries make better decisions, avoid possible losses and increase their revenue faster.

Contrarily, the activities located in such countries as Israel, India, Turkey or any other country with a low safety score are more likely to suffer from financial, emotional or even physical loss. In addition, it also affects the hazardous working conditions together with the safety of employees.

For example, the delivery industry meets the challenge of robberies, while the insurance counts the loss due to hijacking. The initiative called ‘Arrive Alive’ located in South Africa states that even though women are considered to be ‘safer’ drivers, unfortunately, they have to be even more cautious and aware to avoid criminal acts on them such as hijacking, intimidation or worse. At this point, insurance can help only to cover a part of the loss, but the question is, how to deal with it to keep safe?

And, of course, speeding offences and the challenges of aggressive driving. The National Safety Council states that speeding influences around 29% of all traffic fatalities which cause serious injuries or even deaths. To help with all that, Teltonika Telematics manufactures a variety of vehicle GPS trackers that can also be used for security purposes. Here is how...



The vehicle GPS tracker is usually associated with basic tracking and other features that give the ability to monitor and optimise the corporate fleet. However, Teltonika Telematics offers a solution that can be utilised and adds value for B2C customers and especially private drivers – the FMP100 model. It is a unique Plug and Play tracking device with a handy built-in configurable button, RGB LED, and buzzer that can be used for security purposes.

Configurable RGB LED is available in three colours to choose from - red, green, or blue - and can be used for GSM or GNSS identification, whether or not it works properly. It is important for GNSS-based tolling services when a lost connection can lead to a hefty fine. Even more, a buzzer can be configured according to the preferred scenario. For example, if a driver is speeding, the buzzer can be triggered, and it can notify him/her helping to avoid accidents, injuries, and costly damages.

What is more, this FAST & EASY category tracker can be easily installed and easily unplugged, even the end-user, the actual driver, can install and remove the device by himself/herself in a few seconds. It has a user-friendly interface, which means that literally, everyone can mount this tracker by plugging it into a cigarette lighter socket. In addition, the driver can remove the tracker from the existing vehicle as easy as it was connected, plug it into another one within a few minutes and continue his/her trip with no worries that coordinates will be lost by changing the vehicle.

Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity, the FMP100 can be paired with external devices such as a speaker and headset or enable a hands-free kit in a vehicle. The driver can, therefore, be sure that in any emergency, the FMP100 will help to call for help at once and avoid potential harm or losses.

Possible safety scenarios - vehicle tracker FMP100 is the only Teltonika Telematics device with an integrated button that can be configured according to specific security needs. Firstly, as ‘Panic Button‘. In the worst-case scenario, if a mobile phone is lost or discharged, this small tracking device can save a life, or, at least, a journey. Thanks to the panic button function, a driver may contact emergency services and give an exact location of the vehicle. Secondly, as a ‘Notifying Button‘ and used as a notification of threats and accidents on a road.

The same button can also be used for other purposes that a driver needs. It changes the status between different modes so that GNSS coordinates can be switched on and off at the click of a button. It is called Private/Business Driving Mode tracking and can be very handy if a corporate vehicle is used after working hours or at weekends.

The button of FMP100 can be pressed in three different ways and every click of it can be configured according to the needs with 4 different modes: None, Alarm, Change, and Check Trip. In the case of an emergency (Alarm mode), the configurable button enables a tracking device to call predefined numbers in the Teltonika Configurator tool and sends out the coordinates of the vehicle to the dedicated server. It is a highly useful feature when a driver needs instant assistance or is in an unforeseen situation.

A study founds that 20% of accidents caused by driver-reported medical emergencies were due to diabetes and a further 11% were due to heart attacks. This is why it is so important to get help immediately. In such cases, a panic button close to the driver can save him/her from serious health problems, death or other road users from being involved in a collision.




  • Improved driver’s safety – the FMP100 has a special button that can be configured to call for help in an emergency. Thanks to its simple installation, this tracker will always be close to the driver in any event or situation.
  • Roadside assistance when you need it – with one click, a driver can call for help in case of a flat tyre, the battery must be boosted, and refuelling or lockout service is required.
  • Hassle-free installation in no time – this device belongs to the FAST & EASY category of trackers, which stands out by simple installation with no wires or special knowledge. It easily connects to the vehicle via the cigarette lighter, so can be mounted literally by everyone.
  • User-friendly interface with handy modes – it is only our GPS device with an integrated LED, a buzzer and a button that can be used in a variety of practical applications. It has a user-friendly interface, a configurable button and a practical Private/Business Driving Mode.


Teltonika Telematics is considered to be one of the top manufacturers of IoT equipment, producing a large number of GPS tracking devices for a wide range of vehicles. The results prove our extensive experience, as vehicle GPS tracking equipment goes beyond simple tracking and adds value to drivers, businesses and the global economy overall. Teltonika meets the demand of the market and goes step by step with it. Our highly skilled staff develops and delivers telematics solutions to ensure the highest quality products, exceptional customer service and cutting-edge innovation.

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