A global pandemic has changed consumer behaviour causing substantial online sales and door-to-door delivery services boost worldwide. Unfortunately, this shift has led to a rapid rise in package and delivery van thefts too spreading like wildfire country by country. To resolve this issue, here at Teltonika we have developed a highly effective solution dedicated to delivery service companies and relevant fleets.


Did you know, only in the USA alone 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing from doorsteps, costing sellers around $9 billion every single year?

Because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and stay-at-home procedures in most of the countries, millions of consumers are unable or unwilling to go into grocery and household goods stores. Thus, people are turning to an alternative option - online sales and door-to-door delivery services. For instance, the retail giant Walmart saw a 74% growth in online sales this year, Target Corporation - a whopping 141% jump and Amazon has hired an additional 175,000 people to cope with a growing workload.

Unfortunately, this boost has led to a rapid rise in package and delivery van thefts. For instance, about 20% of households in the US have reported a delivery package stolen throughout the March to May 2020 period, which is an all-time high number. Sadly, other countries keep following the same disturbing trend.

Furthermore, a good portion of delivery service drivers have some bad habits or practices and every so often (or even systematically) make mistakes too - forget to lock vehicle doors, leave a key in an ignition switch or inside on a dashboard or seat while taking the parcel to a customer door.

No doubt, these trends are noticed by offenders and thieves as ‘can’t be missed’ opportunities with a high reward with little effort and risk. More online orders, more deliveries, more drivers, more blunders and more stolen parcels, to say at least. And a vicious cycle goes on and on...

Keeping all the above in mind, Teltonika team has come up with a sophisticated anti-theft solution to help delivery and courier businesses resolve this significant issue for good.



CAN-CONTROL adapter, in combination with Teltonika GPS tracker, supported and compatible with it, grants remote control of vehicle door lock and windows-closing via GPRS or SMS text command.

Also, the adapter reads essential CAN bus parameters such as fuel level, odometer, fuel consumption or engine RPM, engine temperature, oil pressure, lights, and handbrake status, etc. Thus, corporate fleet managers can swiftly identify areas of improvement to minimise vehicle maintenance overheads and optimise operating costs.

How it works - for the sake of example, we choose the Teltonika FMB130 model made with the latest generation of electronic components. Here, CAN-CONTROL is used to receive data about the states of various systems within a vehicle and send them to a server as state security flags.

This adapter connects directly to a vehicle CAN line, so there is no need to use additional relays or expensive car security systems for the remote lock control. Impressively, it supports over 1,300 vehicles, and the list is growing. There are quite a few scenarios a driver can make a mistake, for instance, he/she may forget to lock the vehicle's front, sliding or back doors or a door/s can be left unlocked, a key is still in an ignition switch, the engine is on and so on.

Thanks to state security flag data, it is known that vehicle ignition is on or off and the key is in or out. An integrated accelerometer in the FMB130 tracker indicates that the vehicle is not moving, and doors have opened and closed but remain unlocked. Based on specifically pre-configured settings, unlocked doors will be locked automatically in 15 seconds by sending a dedicated command remotely. Even though the driver made a mistake, all packages are secured and remain safe. Motor/goods theft has been prevented.

When a driver comes back to a van, but the car keys have been left and locked inside, there are two ways to unlock the door/s and get back access to the vehicle:

  • A driver will have to call a company's local monitoring centre, so they can remotely unlock a van via the server by sending a dedicated command. Usually, this procedure works as a disciplinary measure not to leave keys inside a vehicle. Also, a driver could be penalised if the mistake is being made repeatedly or if the driver is being ignorant.
  • Alternatively, there is an option to unlock vehicle doors via a mobile application, developed by your team or 3rd party developers. Events in the app can be registered too and a driver could be penalised for inappropriate actions.

To sum up, the usage of rich CAN bus data readouts powered by CAN-CONTROL adapter is a perfect solution and the right choice not only for courier and delivery service businesses but also for car sharing, car dealerships and car rental/leasing providers, etc. Teltonika trackers Immobiliser feature makes a delivery van even less appealing target for motor thieves.




  • Prevents motor thefts and package losses for good - proven to bring immense value to the anti-theft solution utilising CAN-CONTROL adapter readouts and top-quality Teltonika tracker features is the right choice for courier and delivery service businesses, as well as for car sharing, car dealerships and car rental or leasing companies.
  • Boosts drivers’ discipline and encourages desirable driving habits - constant fleet personnel routine tracking and monitoring with an appropriate motivation system will optimise workflow and increase productivity.
  • Facilitates fleet overall cost efficiency by minimising vehicle maintenance overheads, traffic tickets, insurance tariffs, driver blunders and cutting fleet ongoing expenses.
  • Customer service and company reputation will be improved - by avoiding thefts, losses and customer complaints, businesses may increase their competitiveness, earn a good name and expand a market share.


Teltonika provides comprehensive fleet security solutions that address the unique challenges faced by delivery services. Our advanced GPS tracking devices offer features, such as real-time location tracking, anti-jamming technology, vehicle control capabilities, and automated alerts to ensure your delivery vehicles are protected at all times. By using our technology and smart products, you can mitigate risk, prevent theft and maintain the integrity of your delivery operations.

Teltonika's commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart in the telematics industry. These solutions are designed to provide maximum security and operational efficiency, helping you to manage your fleet with confidence. Trust Teltonika to deliver the tools you need to protect your delivery vehicles, improve fleet performance, and achieve greater operational success.

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