Every day, millions of trucks travel the highways and roads of our planet, delivering goods far and wide. The logistics industry is highly regulated in most parts of the world, especially in Europe where tachograph digitalisation is mandatory. This makes it a perfect environment for implementing a remote data download and monitoring solution.


Violations of working hours and rest periods are a common concern in the logistics industry. Logistics companies are often fined hundreds or even thousands of euros for these offences. In addition, logistics companies in the European markets are regulated by specific institutions that require them to submit graphics from digital tachographs on a monthly basis and in the correct form. Typically, companies download the graphics by physically going to the vehicles and connecting directly to the tachographs.

This may not be a problem if you only have a few trucks, but it becomes a serious concern when you have to manage hundreds of them. Firstly, it is time-consuming. Second, the management process is complicated. Thirdly, it is not always possible. For example, your office is in Austria and your truck is sent to Spain for three months. In this scenario, you will not be able to get the files in time. Fortunately, Teltonika Telematics has the solution to help.



We offer a complete solution to avoid the problems and headaches associated with managing digital tachograph files. It consists of Teltonika GPS tracking device and a dedicated web application.

How it works - the first component of our solution is a vehicle GPS tracker from Teltonika PROFESSIONAL family - FMB641, FMC650, or FMM650. Each of these devices can receive tachograph and driver card files (.DDD, .TGD, .V1B, .C1B formats), live tachograph data and enriched tachograph/FMS data (TachoCAN) from digital tachographs via the same CAN line - this makes installation even easier. The devices can also read live data from digital tachographs via the K-line connection. Detailed installation instructions can be found in the user manual of the respective tracker model.

The next component is software for downloading and managing digital tachograph files. There are two ways to do this. You can use the special WEB TACHO application from Teltonika or you can develop your own software. If you choose the latter scenario, you will be provided with a special communication protocol to use when developing your software solution.

If you choose Teltonika WEB TACHO solution, you can use our server or have the application installed on your side. Either way, you are ready to go. One of the biggest advantages of using this application is that after the initial setup, you will receive files and data automatically.

Our solution allows you to achieve two goals. Firstly, you will download the required files from digital tachographs and submit them to the authorities on time. Secondly, you can always monitor the activity of drivers and receive notifications if their behaviour is unacceptable, for example, if they spend too many hours on the road. In addition, you will be able to obtain all other data from the trucks using Teltonika PROFESSIONAL series GPS tracker.

You can also read data from minibuses that run on a 12 V system using the optional Tacho Front Panel Cable. Activate the front panel interface on the tachograph, connect the cable and you are ready to go. Read more about the technical aspects of this use case here.




  • Easy to manage tachograph reports - the solution will help save you and your customers hours of time and effort spent going out and plugging directly into trucks' tachographs.
  • Easily accessible software - our software is web-based so you can access it from any device, anywhere in the world. If you choose to develop your own software, you can design it completely yourself.
  • Secure tachograph file storage - data is stored on a secure server and can only be accessed by users you authorise.
  • Variety of supported tachograph files - we support not only the standard DDD file extension but also Spanish TGD and French V1B / C1B file formats.
  • Efficient fleet management - by providing real-time data on vehicle location and driver activity, these Teltonika GPS trackers enable optimised scheduling and route planning, improving operational efficiency.
  • Improved driver safety - monitoring driving and rest times promotes safer driving practices, reduces fatigue-related incidents and prioritises driver well-being.
  • Data-driven decision-making - access to detailed reports on fleet performance and driver behaviour enables data-driven strategies that streamline logistics operations for improved results.


Teltonika Telematics is at the forefront of digital tachograph monitoring, offering a solution that is both innovative and user-friendly. Our FMB641, FMC650, and FMM650 vehicle GPS trackers are specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by the logistics industry in complying with digital tachograph regulations. These intelligent devices simplify the process of downloading and managing tachograph files, a task that has traditionally been time-consuming and complex, especially for companies managing large fleets.

Choosing Teltonika Telematics means more than just meeting regulatory requirements; it means partnering with us to achieve operational excellence. Our technology not only ensures compliance but also improves overall fleet management. We are committed to delivering solutions that improve your business and ensure you stay ahead in a competitive and fast-moving industry.

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