Vehicle theft and related criminal activity is a costly challenge and, despite some fluctuations, it is still on the rise worldwide. Regrettably, globalisation and uneven technological advances have led to a quite dramatic increase in car theft, making some developing countries the attractive markets for cars stolen abroad. Teltonika Telematics is ready to offer a present-day solution to address this important issue.


According to Statista, the estimated global car theft rate is 85.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. In 2020, there were Uruguay, Italy, and the United States among the countries with an extreme number of vehicle theft incidents.

These crimes not only harm the quality of life of innocent citizens, drivers, vehicle owners, but also bring significant losses to businesses, insurance companies, and governments. In most cases, criminals try to steal a vehicle quickly and get it to remote areas as soon as possible. Some unfortunate cars are then stripped down to their component parts, scrapped or left to thieves, but other vehicles (mostly expensive or special ones) are smuggled into border countries, which are also usually less economically developed. For example, stolen cars are shipped to Canada from the US, to Bolivia from Brazil, and to Albania from Italy.

Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers vehicle GPS trackers have a wide range of usage scenarios and features that effectively help to increase security and prevent vehicle theft in the first place. But what if the worst happens – the car is stolen and cannot be found swiftly, which is quite a common situation, to say at least? Is it still possible to locate the vehicle afterwards, even in a less developed country with limited mobile network coverage? The answer is ‘yes’ because Teltonika Telematics has come up with a practical solution to help solve this challenge.



Teltonika GPS trackers are proven to be highly efficient devices to not only track and monitor a vehicle, but even help to recover it if the car is stolen. Thanks to sophisticated hardware, smart firmware features and practical usage scenarios, they greatly complicate the vehicle theft process and help prevent loss or recover assets. For more information, please read these published use cases: Anti-Theft Solution and Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Anti-Theft Solution For Delivery Services, and Secure Vehicle Disabling.

However, in addition to the above, we focus here on the connectivity aspect, which is essential and makes a significant difference - without access to a mobile network, a GPS device alone would not be able to transmit any tracked data and locate a stolen vehicle. With that said, how can we ensure this anytime, anywhere?

Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution, which at least consists of a SIM card and an IoT Platform to manage it, is designed to connect GPS devices anywhere over a mobile network using the SIM card data plan. As a result, a GPS tracker with a SIM card and a global data plan can connect to the internet worldwide allowing to manage its functions and information all the time. This ensures constant communication, timely alerts and relevant data transfer to a dedicated server, and in our case, the most important thing – the trip history details and coordinates to recover the stolen vehicle.

Obviously, a GPS tracker must be available and connectable via a mobile network to locate the vehicle of interest. For connectivity, differently from regular local operator plans, we offer one of the most comprehensive Teltonika Global Plan, covering 134 countries and territories around the world as of May 2022, with up to 3 major network operators available in each country. For that reason, a vehicle with a Teltonika GPS tracker and a Teltonika Global Plan can be located and recovered from the farthest country (obviously, if that country is on the Global Plan coverage list.

Consider this - if a luxury or sports car is stolen in Italy and trafficked to Albania, we can still trace its location because both Italy and Albania are included in the Teltonika Global Plan. Combining the Global Connectivity Solution and the features of Teltonika GPS trackers (e.g., internal Flash memory to store trip data, sensitive high-gain antennas able to pick up the GNSS signal even in poor conditions and send location coordinates to a dedicated server), it is possible to track and locate the stolen vehicle across numerous national borders and eventually recover it.

The vehicle recovery process is carried out using a variety of Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) software applications that can be accessed via any smartphone, tablet or PC with an internet connection, so you can track your vehicle wherever it is, as long as a GPS tracker mounted on it is connected to the network.

Finally, don't forget to follow basic safety precautions: lock the doors and close the windows, take the car keys, don't leave the vehicle unattended for long periods, and install Teltonika GPS tracking devices with the appropriate connectivity solution. If done so, rest assured that even if the worst happens, it will unquestionably help recover a stolen vehicle and save resources for asset owners, insurance agencies and police.




  • Track and recover stolen vehicles virtually anywhere - as for now, Teltonika Global Plan supports connectivity in 134 countries worldwide.
  • Always the strongest signal possible - with up to 3 network operators supported in each country, the SIM card picks the one with the strongest signal to maintain the best data rate available.
  • Network of your choice to suit business needs - Teltonika wide range of vehicle GPS devices support 2G/ 3G/ 4G LTE generation broadband technologies.
  • Platform for any type and size fleet - a state-of-the-art IoT Platform for managing and monitoring all Teltonika SIM cards. As the platform is custom-built, there is room to modify it to suit any relevant operational requirements.
  • Improved revenue streams and reputation - by successfully preventing car theft and recovering losses, telematics service providers and integrators can build a good reputation, gain a competitive edge and get more profitable projects.
  • All-in-one solution - besides the wide choice of vehicle GPS trackers and accessories, Teltonika offers SIM cards, Global Plan, IoT Platform and first-rate customer support. Everything from a single source to ensure smooth business operations and the best value for money.


To successfully assist businesses, organisations, and society with stolen vehicle tracking and recovery challenges throughout the world, we offer a thorough and practical solution from Teltonika – network connectivity SIM cards with Global Plan, IoT Platform, and more. Consequently, many vehicle-related businesses can benefit from it - delivery couriers, international logistics, freight forwarders, taxi services, owners of high-value construction and utility vehicles, rare antique cars, luxury and business-class fleets, even high-priced water transport such as yachts and speedboats, etc.

We are the right place to get all you need to succeed - the most abundant variety of top-quality certified GPS trackers, accessories, and solutions for any use case imaginable in vehicle telematics. From the start of the company 24 years ago until today, Teltonika 2,000 strong and growing team has manufactured 16 million IoT devices, helping to succeed thousands of customers and partners in over 160 countries across the globe.

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