Certified by ANATEL!

Certified by ANATEL!

We are thrilled, that our products such as: FMB125, FMB130, FMB920, FMB001, FMB010, FMB640 are now approved by ANATEL - the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil.

This is another huge step forward for our expansion in Latin America market and it is leading us to set a bigger ambition. In addition to this, Teltonika is opening a brand new office in Sao Paulo in 2020.

Certified by ANATEL! Certified by ANATEL!

Brazil is getting ready for massive deployments of IoT technologies. The proof is their Digital Transformation strategy, released on 2018. Strategy aims to significantly increase adoption and usage of IoT in such sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, smart cities and healthcare.

Now we are ready to cooperate and reach for the better together.

More details about ANATEL certified FMB products you can find HERE.