Electric scooter and moped-sharing services have indeed become a popular form of urban transport, offering a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional modes of transport. Efficient operations management is essential to ensure the smooth running of these services and a positive customer experience, and Teltonika Telematics can help to do so.


Today, we can observe the increasing popularity of electric scooters and mopeds sharing services. This is due not only to their affordability, convenience, and environmental benefits but also to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic - consumers now tend to favour personal commuting over public transport.

Sharing services are reported to have engaged 82 million users worldwide in 2022. And here is a glimpse into the future - according to Statista, the global business-data platform, the number of users is anticipated to reach 134 million by the year 2027. To put it another way, it is predicted that the e-scooter-sharing business will have a projected market volume of USD 2,968.00 million by 2027.

With increasing consumer interest in shared e-mobility, growing environmental awareness and government initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles, it is strongly believed that the demand for electric scooter and moped-sharing services will continue to grow.

However, as the demand for such services grows, so do the responsibilities of managing and servicing commercial fleets. To meet these demands, sharing companies must equip their fleets with the best GPS devices available. Fortunately, Teltonika Telematics trackers provide an effective solution for meeting these needs.



Teltonika TFT100 model is the right choice for tracking, monitoring, and managing a fleet of e-scooters and e-mopeds in real-time. And here is why.

The TFT100 GPS tracker has different protocols implemented, allowing fleet owners to choose from different brands of e-scooters to work with. Such a variety of choices make this device a powerful asset in starting and growing any e-sharing business. In addition, the IP67-rated casing allows the Teltonika tracker to work well in harsh environmental conditions, be it cold, heat or rain.

How it works - the model collects and transmits various data such as location, speed, and battery level, which can be accessed via a cloud-based platform or mobile app. Using the TFT100 tracking device, fleet managers can monitor the performance of their e-scooters, identify maintenance, or repair issues and optimise the use of the electric fleet.

Teltonika GPS tracker also helps improve driver safety by detecting dangerous driving (e.g., Overspeeding scenario) and road accidents (e.g., Crash detection scenario). Even more, the Auto and Manual geofence functionality increases the manager's control and awareness of the fleet, resulting in the prevention of potential theft. For example, if the pre-defined geofence boundary is crossed, a pre-defined instant notification, such as an alarm buzzer, SMS, etc., can be activated to notify a person in charge to prevent the loss.

In summary, Teltonika TFT100 tracker is a valuable tool for managing a large fleet of e-scooters and e-mopeds, providing real-time monitoring and data insights to optimise the use and performance of the shared electric fleet.




  • Optimised fleet management – track and identify various potential issues, such as low battery levels or maintenance requirements to ensure that the e-fleet is always ready for use.
  • Leverages data analytics - collect, send, and analyse data on user behaviour, such as speeding, collisions or breaches of pre-set parameters, to optimise service offering and improve the driving experience and safety.
  • Expands business opportunities - have a wider choice of which e-scooter manufacturer brands your business tends to work with and broaden your existing fleet with electric scooters and mopeds from different brands.
  • Increased fleet reliability - IP67-rated casing of the TFT100 provides water and dust resistance, ensuring the GPS tracker can continuously operate in a variety of harsh environments without putting e-fleet operations at risk.


Teltonika Telematics offers a wide range of GPS trackers to suit different business needs and applications. They use advanced GNSS connectivity, GPS technology, and cellular networks to provide accurate location tracking. This makes them suitable for fleet management, asset tracking and other location-based applications. Teltonika tracking devices are competitively priced compared to other tracking devices on the market, making them a cost-effective yet powerful solution for any IoT projects or GPS tracking business.

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